The Top 2 Amazon Affiliate Replacements for 2022. Same amount of work, more money

The Top 2 Amazon Affiliate Replacements for 2022. Same amount of work, more money

Most new affiliates choose the Amazon affiliate network by default when it comes to how they monetize their traffic. <br> <br>That was a bad choice. <br> <br>In fact, the missed revenue is potentially costing you hundreds of dollars annually.

1) Approach the brand directly

Did you know that most businesses are more than happy to speak with affiliates who may promote their goods on their behalf?

This market is not monopolized by Amazon.


The majority of the time, all it takes is for you to get in touch with the company's affiliate manager and introduce yourself and your website. A excellent place to start for this kind of information is LinkedIn.


I don't mean a PowerPoint presentation with 147 slides when I say "pitch," however. Simply put together an email in its place.


Keep in mind that these businesses don't necessarily work with Amazon because they want to.

Simply said, Amazon's position as the industry leader in online retail is to blame.


2. Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks

We'll now look at some of the other affiliate networks available that can help you increase your affiliate revenue and provide an alternative to Amazon's affiliate program.


Higher commission rates and the possibility of speaking with a specific affiliate manager are the primary justifications for exploring non-Amazon affiliate networks as an option.


Not simply some faceless customer service agent on the other end of a phone call or email who is less knowledgeable than you are about affiliate marketing.


1.  Shareasale

Working with ShareASale's affiliate network is fantastic.


They have hundreds of merchants to pick from, over 20 years of experience, and Awin as its parent company.

However, they also have a large number of advertisements that you won't find anywhere else, so you may discover new niches here.


Despite the somewhat archaic appearance of their dashboard, finding deals to promote is simple.


Everything from EPC (Earnings per Click) to ShareASale's own "Power Rank" ranking system can be used to sort out the programs that are offered.


To locate the few sponsors you wish to promote on your specialized website, you won't have to spend the entire day sorting through thousands of listings.


Payout minimum: $50

Regularity of Payment: Net 30

Payment options: Payoneer, bank deposit, and checks


2. CJ Affiliate By Conversant According to its repute and the level of the merchants they list, Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate by Conversant) is perhaps the largest affiliate network in the world.


Some of the greatest brand names in the world are represented in their advertising portfolio, including Zappos, VistaPrint, Walgreens, Xfinity, Verizon, Trip Advisor, TK Maxx, et


Applying for affiliate programs and the joining procedure both take little effort

But if you want the approval procedure to go more quickly, have a functioning website 

You'll discover that helps the process of getting program clearance go a lot more easily

Along with the option to create deep connections to items, you also recieve all of the customary program creatives as well as the capacity to create in-depth linkages to merchandise. standard creatives for programs..etey:t.c.




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