The government has updated the planning guidance in order to address the risk of flooding.

The federal government has recently published revised planning guidelines with the intention of enhancing the resistance of newly constructed houses to the effects of flooding.

Greg Clark, the Secretary for Leveling Up, stated that the new guidelines will increase councils' power to require better flood vulnerability in latest concepts. "This proposed rule will test the ability to require better flood resilience in new developments."


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"Councils will be required to demonstrate that the development will be safe from flooding for the duration of the building, will not raise the danger of flooding elsewhere, and will, whenever practicable, lower the risk of flooding overall."

Before giving the go-ahead to any new development, stringent requirements must be satisfied. This will help achieve the goal of ensuring that newly built homes are environmentally friendly and that developers are able to adjust to the effects of climate change.

According to Floods Minister Steve Double, "this will build on our record £5.2 billion commitment to build approximately 2,000 flood systems by 2027 and level-up defenses across England."

In addition, Caroline Douglass, who is the executive director of flood and coastal risk management at the Environment Agency, stated that the guideline offers "important advice" to managers and contractors in the interest of preventing risky new building.

AXA UK mid-market and shopper financial planning director Dougie Barnett made the following statement in response to the alterations: "While [the] announcement is a welcome step in the right direction, the government needs to ensure that much-needed affordable homes is not built in areas that are at risk of flooding."

"Additionally, it should promptly establish bill that would require the incorporation of sustainable drainage systems in new developments in order to better safeguard neighborhoods from the threat of flooding."

Barnett went on to state that the insurance company will continue to collaborate with the government in order to develop a built environment that is more robust and environmentally friendly.

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