Insurance offers "entrepreneurship opportunities"

Insurance offers "entrepreneurship opportunities"

Jamie Sahara, the founder and president of Applied Underwriters, describes the world of insurance as "huge." [Citation needed] IBA recently had a conversation with Sahara in which they discussed insurance dealmaking and the key of creating value over the long run.

According to Sahara, "the property and casualty industry as well as the life sector are each industries worth a trillion dollars." Every facet of contemporary life and business is reliant on the risk management that is made possible by insurance. Nevertheless, despite its enormous size and level of development, the insurance business is still highly fragmented both in terms of its operations and its ownership. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for business ownership to everyone who is prepared to put in the necessary effort.


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Applied has closed a total of 40 insurance and reinsurance transactions over the course of the past decade, with 20 of those agreements closing since October 2019. Sahara, though, stated that the corporation treats each agreement with careful consideration.

He stated that "we are not in the business of deals" in their traditional sense. We get into business partnerships with the goal of creating long-term value that is compatible with our whole enterprise. For me, the premise presents a never-ending stream of fascinating and difficult questions. Creating true value calls for a significant investment of time and thought, as well as the formulation and implementation of a valid and consistent thesis.

According to Sahara, even if there has been a great deal of convergence in the industry over the past few years, with already enormous corporations growing even larger, this does not tell the complete picture for the sector.

According to what he had to say, "at the same time as we've seen some huge firm amalgamation, there's also been a lot of deconsolidation and dislocation." "For us at Applied, we've found over the past several years various possibilities to acquire top-tier entrepreneurial talent and quality operations from larger firms. These opportunities have presented themselves in a variety of forms. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with having a smaller company, just as there are benefits and drawbacks associated with having a larger one. The challenges that are faced by large corporations and those that are faced by small companies are not the same, and the tension that exists between the two points of view is what creates chances for a diverse range of entrepreneurs within the expansive field of insurance.

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