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Rick DeBruyn, who is currently serving as regional vice president of the Prairie region for CNA Canada, has been promoted to the post of regional vice president for the Western region, which means that his leadership responsibilities have been enhanced.

The offices in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver make up CNA Canada's Western business. These cities are located in Western Canada.

DeBruyn will be responsible for the growth of talent, the administration of portfolios, as well as the operational and fiscal effectiveness throughout Western Canada in his new role as regional vice president of the Western area. According to a press release, he will also head the teams at CNA that are responsible for delivering insurance solutions to clients and for establishing partner partnerships in the region.

DeBruyn is quoted as saying, "I am both honored and delighted to take on the challenge of managing the Western Region and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative culture where colleagues thrive both both personally and professionally. "We will continue to focus on giving industry-leading service and solutions to our customers, as well as developing the ties we have with our distributors and retailers,"

Since 2015, DeBruyn has been serving CNA in the capacity of regional vice president for the Prairies.

"This increased role will encourage broader collaboration across the whole of the Western Region and positions us well to achieve our goals," remarked Nick Creatura, president and CEO of CNA Canada. "This expanded function will stimulate broader communication across the whole of the Western Region." "Rick's geographic professional experience and underwrite skills, together with his empathic and collaborative leadership style, will lead to even greater success throughout the Western Region. " I am overjoyed to see Rick take on such a significant new responsibility.

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