Crypto Mixers Are Seeing Their Biggest Year In 2022

Despite the crypto market crashing like never before, the crypto community's mixers are experiencing unprecedented growth in business.

Mixers Have Been Quite Active

Mixers are individuals or organizations that conceal illicitly acquired digital currencies by combining them with legitimate assets. The procedure conceals the identities of the parties receiving the crypto while giving the impression that they are not engaged in illegal activity. A new study reveals that 2021 and 2022 will be the busiest years ever for crypto mixers.

Since the beginning of this year, Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis firm, has released the following document discussing the behavior of mixers.

Mixers present regulators and members of the cryptocurrency community with a challenging problem. Practically everyone would agree that financial privacy is valuable, and there is no reason why services such as mixers shouldn't be able to provide it. Nonetheless, the data indicates that mixers currently pose a substantial money laundering risk, with 25 percent of funds originating from illicit addresses, and that cybercriminals associated with hostile governments are taking advantage.

The high volume of funds indicates that they are likely the result of ransomware attacks on government entities or corporations. As a result of the prevalence of crypto-currency frauds in recent years, as well as the fact that typically a large number of individuals are duped or victimized, crypto-currency scams also attract substantial funding. Numerous crypto scams have resulted in the theft of millions or even billions of dollars, and the criminals must conceal the funds so as not to attract attention.

The report Chainalysis continues with:

Since users receive a'mix' of funds contributed by others, if one user floods the mixer and contributes significantly more than others, a significant portion of what they receive will be comprised of the funds they initially contributed, making it possible to trace the funds back to their source. In other words, mixers function optimally when multiple users are mixing equivalent amounts of cryptocurrency.

The Increase Begins in 2021

Mixers employ a variety of methods to ensure that only the appropriate parties have access to the funds in question. Some of them frequently send varying amounts to distinct wallets. As more and more are documented, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine who is involved and to locate individuals. Regularly, others will alter the transaction fees associated with such transfers.

Mid-April of this year, Chainalysis estimated that a total of approximately $51.8 billion in crypto funds were passed through mixers. This was nearly double the amount reported during the same time period in 2021. Approximately 23% of wallets associated with mixers are also illicit. This is 12% more than last year.

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