The GAIMIN Gladiators have announced that they will be expanding their team roster and moving into the APEX Legends.

PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland, 2nd September 2022: GAIMIN is excited to announce that their esports organization,

PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland, 2nd September 2022: GAIMIN is excited to announce that their esports organization, GAIMIN Gladiators, has added an APEX Legends squad to their roster of gaming teams. Previously, their roster consisted of teams that played in the games Dota 2, Rocket League, and Rainbow 6 Siege.

This Tier 1 team has already accomplished a significant amount of success in APEX Legends and built up an incredible following of supporters. The members of this team are Hardecki, Leogri3x6, and Artyco, and Pkmk serves as the team's coach. Hardeki won the APEX Legends Awards at such a young age, and he was the driving factor behind the team's domination in ALGS Year 1. The GAIMIN Gladiators are ecstatic to share the news that they will be adding this squad to their roster, which will allow them to reach an even greater number of people all over the world with their brand.

"I am happy Hardecki, Leogri3x6, Artyco, and Pkmk have joined the GAIMIN Gladiators roster," said Joseph Turner, the General Manager of the GAIMIN Gladiators. The squad will have greater consistency for the upcoming season as a result of their signing with the GAIMIN Gladiators, which also gives them the possibility to perform even better within the APEX Legends arena.

The Chief Executive Officer of GAIMIN, Martin Speight, stated that the purpose of the GAIMIN Gladiators was to "help the gaming community and promote our brand to this target audience through the esports teams." Over 1.4 billion impressions have been garnered by GAIMIN Gladiators across our Shikensu-monitored media streams in only a few short months (these figures do not include China or Asia!). And with our APEX Legends squad, we anticipate seeing a considerable improvement in these metrics, which will help our brand awareness aims for GAIMIN as well as our current sponsors, Kaiyun Sports and StoneForged Technology.

Martin came to the following conclusion: "To encourage the introduction of APEX Legends into the GAIMIN Gladiators roster, we will be providing their supporters with additional perks when monetizing through the GAIMIN platform. We are going to integrate APEX Legends coins into our marketplace, which will make it possible for players of the APEX game to obtain "free" APEX Legends coins by taking advantage of the passive monetization options provided by the GAIMIN app.

Regarding GAIMIN

Ltd (GAIMIN) is a gaming firm with operations in the United Kingdom and Switzerland that is focused on assisting members of the gaming community in monetising the computational capability of their gaming personal computers. GAIMIN has developed a decentralized data processing network that is capable of giving "supercomputer" performance. This network is produced by leveraging the unused processing capacity that is often present in gaming personal computers to develop a global decentralized data processing network.

GAIMIN is able to monetize underutilized processing power by utilizing novel approaches to deliver "supercomputer" level data processing performance from a global network of independent processing devices. This is accomplished through the use of a PC-based application that is available for free download. The GAIMIN data processing network initially concentrated on providing power for blockchain computations; but, it now offers support for a variety of other large-scale data processing applications as well, including the rendering of videos.

GMRX, GAIMIN's native cryptocurrency, is the medium of exchange for user earnings on the platform. GMRX can be exchanged for fiat currency or another cryptocurrency, or it can be used to make purchases on the GAIMIN Marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in-game assets, accessories, and merchandise.

The GAIMIN Gladiators in Brief

The GAIMIN Gladiators originated from the OCG Esports Club, which was a Canadian esports organization founded in 2019 by Nick, Alex, and Shawn Cuccovillo. Shawn Porter was also a founding member of the GAIMIN Gladiators. Their goal was to dominate the esports they had chosen, and since 2019 they have had a lot of success, including winning large competitions like Dreamhack Canada for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and doing well in the highest pro-amateur league in North America.

The GAIMIN Gladiators will compete on behalf of GAIMIN in esports competitions throughout the world, building on their history of success and contributing to the expansion of the industry by taking part in both established and emerging esports categories.

The games Dota 2 and Rainbow Six Siege, as well as APEX Legends and Rocket League, are now on the GAIMIN Gladiators roster. In October of 2022, the Dota 2 team will be traveling to Singapore to take part in the Dota 2 International.

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