Cardano Trading For Over 20 Million Robinhood Users — Is A Mind-Blowing ADA Moonshot Incoming ZyCrypto

Cardano Trading For Over 20 Million Robinhood Users — Is A Mind-Blowing ADA Moonshot Incoming ZyCrypto

Just a few days ZyCrypto before the Vasil upgrade, the major American broker-dealer Robinhood made the announcement that it would

would support the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA). Robinhood is obviously interested in extending its cryptocurrency offers of late. Cardano is the most recent digital asset that the brokerage platform has decided to make available for trade to its customer base.

Robinhood is trying to increase the number of cryptocurrencies it supports

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Robinhood announced the listing of Cardano via its official handle. "Since you inquired… Cardano is currently available on Robinhood, according to the handle. A quick glance at the Robinhood website shows that the brokerage platform has already enabled functionality for Cardano trading.

The recent resurgence of interest in diversifying the types of digital assets available has resulted in a flood of newly listed assets. In addition, this comes after a lengthy period during which the broker abstained from adding any new cryptocurrencies. As inferred by the Twitter handle for Robinhood's cryptocurrency exchange, the decision to offer Cardano was motivated by a rise in customer interest in the asset.

There were rumors that Robinhood would offer the meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) in the month of April. The information was verified by the data on the official Robinhood site. SHIB rode on the back of the listing to a 30% spike. The decision was made in response to a petition that was submitted on by members of the Shiba Inu community requesting that the platform list the meme coin. In addition, the platform mentioned that it had included Solana (SOL), Compound (COMP), and Polygon (MATIC) in its listing (SOL).

Cardano's Vasil upgrade shows relatively decent progress ZyCrypto

The most recent development takes place at a time when Cardano's highly-anticipated Vasil upgrade is right around the doorstep, with its release date set for September 22. On Wednesday, the blockchain company that is behind Cardano known as Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) issued an update on the progress that has been made with the Vasil upgrade.

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