Bank of Russia agrees to allow cross-border crypto payments

In the past, Russia actively opposed the use of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a form of payment.

Now, a recent report has revealed that a geopolitically shifted environment has prompted Russia to allow cryptocurrencies to be used as a mode of payment for international trade. This decision was made as a result of Russia's desire to remain competitive in international trade. On Monday, the regional news station TASS reported that the Bank of Russia is reevaluating the possibility of adopting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether as a means of payment for foreign transactions.

According to Recent Reports, the Central Bank Will Allow Crypto Payments Across Borders

The proposal made by the minister of finance to enable the use of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether legal for use in foreign transactions was met with approval by the Central Bank of Russia. According to a report by Alexei Moiseev, the deputy finance minister of Russia, the Russian finance ministry and the Russian central bank are considering whether or not to authorize cryptocurrency use as a means of exchange for foreign transactions.

Moiseev, the deputy minister of finance in the Russian government, has discussed the relevance of cryptocurrencies. He claims that a significant number of Russian citizens are opening their cryptocurrency wallets on international venues. In Russia, utilization of it is absolutely necessary. According to an official, "Anti-Money Laundering" and "Know Your Customer" rules are being adhered to by "all of the organizations that come under the supervision of the central bank," which includes "all of the companies that fall under the supervision of the central bank."

In the past, Russia had a negative stance on using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a form of payment. In the year 2020, Russia passed a law with the catchy title "On Digital Financial Assets." Because of this regulation, it is illegal to use any kind of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, to make any kind of payment. The idea of using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a form of payment was met with skepticism in Russia.

A Cautious Approach Taken by the Russian Authorities Towards Cryptocurrency

The Bank of Russia has adopted a cautious stance regarding cryptocurrencies as a form of payment because to the potential threat that they pose to the value of the ruble, which is the country's only form of legal money. This is done in order to prevent the ruble from becoming worthless. The notion of employing cryptocurrencies for use in national exchanges was initially conceived during the latter half of the calendar year prior.

However, Vladimir Putin, who was the President of Russia at the time, shot down this concept by stating that it would be premature to decide to utilize cryptocurrencies as a payment method for the trading of gas, oil, and other such energy supplies. This statement effectively killed the notion. The plot was rewritten after Russia invaded Ukraine and took control of the country. Russia was subjected to economic restrictions imposed by Western powers.

In May of 2022, Russia's Minister of Trade and Industry made the announcement that the country would eventually legitimize the usage of cryptocurrencies, regardless of when or how this would occur. In addition, Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the Bank of Russia, suggested that they might even be able to use cryptocurrencies for transactions involving other countries. However, this can only be done if the national financial system of the country will not be put in any kind of jeopardy as a result.

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