The remarks that were provided by United the previous week made it clear that Antony was overjoyed to have joined the club. The Brazilian player also indicated how urgently he and his family wanted Antony to move to England.

Antony's joy at having joined the club was evident.

However, United supporters were given a treat when their new Brazilian hero scored within the first 35 minutes of his debut for the club. The goal was a display of skill as well as unbridled emotion from the player.

Following the match, Ten Hag commented on Antony by saying, "You can see all of his potential."

He is going to be a danger to the team in the Premier League. On the right wing, we lacked a guy who could contribute. Since [Jadon] Sancho and [Marcus] Rashford are more comfortable on the left side of the field, we now have the player who can fill the role of the missing link on the right side,' he continued.

We required someone with his quickness, dribbling ability, and expressiveness to play on the right wing. We recognized his potential despite the fact that the Premier League is likely to be a difficult competition for him. We have to keep up the pressure. Every day, I hold myself to very high standards. Everyone is required to carry it to Carrington every single day.



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United struck Arsenal on the break despite being outplayed for the whole of the first quarter. Antony already appeared to have formed a connection with fellow strikers Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, and Sancho before the break.

Arsenal was the only team in the league to have a flawless record to start the season when they came at Old Trafford having won their previous five matches in a row. However, their dominance did not pay off as they were defeated three times when they were caught on the break.

In spite of the fact that Bukayo Saka scored an equalizer halfway through the second half, United was still able to pull off a victory because to the incisive play of their attacking midfield players and the speed of Marcus Rashford.

After a horrendous start to the season in which they suffered defeats at home to Brighton and away at Brentford by a combined score of 4-0, United have won their past four matches, which has allowed them to move up to fifth place in the league table.

After beginning their campaign in the Europa League this week against Real Sociedad at home, they have a trip planned to Crystal Palace for the following day.



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