TELUS Announces Three-Channel Word

TELUS introduced immediately that it has priced $2.0 billion of senior unsecured notes in three collections: the primary collection has a 10-year maturity, the second collection has a 30-year maturity, and the third collection has a 7-year maturity.

The announcement was made on September 8, 2022, in Vancouver, British Columbia (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). The notes are made available by way of a broker's syndicate that is led by CIBC Capital Markets, RBC Capital Markets, and Scotiabank respectively. The conclusion of the offering is anticipated to take place on or around September 13th, 2022.


The 5.25% Sustainability-Linked Notes, Sequence CAG (the "Sequence CAG Notes"), had an initial offering price of $99.673 per $100 principal quantity, which resulted in an effective yield of 5.293% per year until maturity. These notes are due to mature on November 15, 2032 and are subject to a potential increase in the interest rate step-up.

The 5.65% notes from Sequence CAH had an original price of $99.613 per $100 principal quantity, which resulted in an effective yield of 5.677% per year until maturity. These notes are due to mature on September 13, 2052.

The 5.00% notes from Sequence CAI had a price of $99.569 per $100 principle quantity when they were initially offered, which resulted in an effective yield of 5.074% per year until maturity. These notes are due to mature on September 13, 2029.

The net proceeds from this offering may be used for the settlement of outstanding debt, including the settlement of business paper (incurred for normal working capital functions), and the reduction of money quantities outstanding under an arm's length securitization trust to which an affiliate of TELUS sells interests in certain trade receivables (incurred for normal working capital functions), as well as for other typical business purposes.


The Sequence CAG notes are what are known as "Sustainability-Linked Bonds," and they were issued in accordance with TELUS' Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework, which was presented on June 14, 2021. This framework may be amended, restated, or otherwise altered from time to time, and the Sequence CAG notes will be TELUS' third bond offering in accordance with the Framework. As a component of the Framework, TELUS has committed to reducing its absolute emissions of greenhouse gases ("GHG") from Scope 1 and two sources by 46% by the year 2030 compared to the ranges for 2019. Should TELUS fail to achieve this objective (the "Sustainability Efficiency Goal") by December 31, 2030, the curiosity payable on the Sequence CAG Notes will increase by 0.75% every year. This will be further detailed in the prospectus complement that TELUS will be submitting to its brief type base shelf prospectus dated August 8, 2022 with securities regulatory authorities in each of Canada's provinces and territories. If TELUS fails to meet further sustainability and/or environmental, social, or governance ("ESG") targets as provided for in a subsequent "Sustainability-Linked Bond" (a "Future SLB") issued by TELUS pursuant to the Framework, the interest payable on the Sequence CAG Notes may increase in certain circumstances. This could occur if TELUS fails to comply with the Framework. However, the interest rate on the Series CAG Notes cannot in any circumstance be higher than the initial price of 5.25% by more than 1.50% each year within the combination. This is the case regardless of whether the failure to attain the Sustainability Efficiency Goal and/or any targets under a number of Future SLBs is to blame.


The Sequence CAG Notice offering supports TELUS' drive to environmental sustainability by connecting financing to the accomplishment of stringent ESG targets. This helps TELUS continue its progress toward its goal. The Science-Based Targets initiative (abbreviated as "SBTi") gave its stamp of approval to the objective that was outlined within the Framework. This further demonstrates TELUS' commitment to global sustainability management and its assistance in the global fight against climate change. The Sustainability Efficiency Objective is aligned with the reductions required to prevent warming to beneath 1.5 levels Celsius, which on the day of the release of the Framework was considered to be the most difficult designation obtainable via the SBTi course of.

TELUS will provide an annual report on its progress toward the Sustainability Efficiency Goal. In addition, TELUS will obtain an annual independent and external verification of its progress toward the Sustainability Efficiency Goal in the form of a limited assurance report. Both of these activities will take place annually. TELUS' efficiency, in addition to the restricted assurance report, will probably be included in its annual Sustainability Report, or different comparable report(s), relying on the case, and can be out there on TELUS' web site. This can be the case even when the case could also be completely different.

A Second Opinion was released by Sustainalytics in June 2021 confirming that the Framework conforms with the Worldwide Capital Market Association's Sustainability-Linked Bond Rules, 2020. Sustainalytics is a leading independent ESG analysis, scoring, and analytics business.

This media launch does not represent a proposal to promote or the solicitation of a proposal to purchase the securities in any country. Rather, it only serves as an announcement that the securities will be made available. The securities that are being provided have not been approved or rejected by any of the regulatory authorities that oversee Canadian securities, and no authority has passed judgment on whether or not the brief type base shelf prospectus or the prospectus supplement is accurate or sufficient. The notes have not been registered in accordance with the United States Securities Act of 1933, in its revised form; in addition, no notes of any collection are being offered for sale in the United States, either directly or indirectly, to any individual who is a citizen or resident of the country.


The notes of each collection are being distributed in accordance with a prospectus that is a supplement to the brief type base shelf prospectus that was issued by TELUS on August 8, 2022. The relevant thorough information regarding each collection of notes is included in both the brief type basic shelf prospectus and the prospectus supplemental. You can get copies of the brief type base shelf operational plan and the prospectus supplement regarding the offering of each collection of notes when they are filed with financial institutions regulatory authorities in Canada by contacting the Chief Authorized and Governance Officer of TELUS at 510 W. Georgia St., twenty third Floor, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0M. The address for this office is: 510 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 0M. (phone 604-695-6420). The System for Digital Document Evaluation and Retrieval of the Canadian Securities Directors (also known as "SEDAR") can be accessed at, and electronic copies of the aforementioned documentation are now available on the website or can be made available there in the near future. Before making an investment decision, prospective buyers need to first familiarize themselves with the condensed version of the basic shelf prospectus as well as the prospectus supplement.


Statements Looking Forward to the Future

This information release contains statements about future events pertaining to the providing, together with the anticipated cut-off date of the providing, the supposed use of the online proceeds of the providing, the Framework, together with TELUS' perseverance to scale back its unconditional Scope 1 and a couple of Greenhouse gases by 46% from 2019 typically range by 2030, and the rise within the rate of interest each year of the Sequence CAG Notes if TELUS fails to attain the Renewable energy Target. In addition, this information Forward-looking statements, by their very nature, require us to jump to conclusions and predictions and are subject to inherent potential risks, such as the following: risks related to capital and debt markets; TELUS' ability to determine, procure, and integrate options to reduce electricity usage and conduct cleaner sources of power; TELUS' ability to determine and make appropriate investments in renewable power, including in the form of digital energy buy ags; and TELUS' ability to determine and implement options to reduce energy consumed and undergo cleaner sources of power There is a significant possibility that the comments that are made in the future will not turn out to be accurate. The timing and completion of the offering that was just discussed are both subject to the standard closing conditions as well as many other risks and uncertainties. Readers are cautioned not to place an undue amount of reliance on forward-looking statements because a variety of factors may cause actual future performance and events to differ considerably from those anticipated within the forward-looking statements. Therefore, this press release is subject to the disclaimer as well as the "qualifications" and risk factors that are outlined in our 2021 annual administration's dialogue and evaluation (MDA) and our Q2 2022 MDA, as well as in other TELUS public disclosure paperwork and filings with securities commissions in Canada (on SEDAR at and in the United States (on EDGAR at The forward-looking statements that are included on this information launch indicate our expectations on the day that this information launch was made available, and as a result, these assumptions are subject to change after such date. TELUS disclaims any intention or duty to replace or revise forward-looking comments, with the exception of situations in which such action is mandated by regulation.

TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic and world-leading communications technology company. The company has annual revenues of $17 billion and 17 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and safety. TELUS is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Our mission in the world is to advance social change and enable outstanding human outcomes by using our world-leading expertise and compassion. This is our social aim. Because we have always been committed to putting our consumers first, every part of our business is driven by this principle, and as a result, we are unquestionably the industry leader when it comes to providing excellent and devoted customer service. Our dedication to providing Canadians with access to cutting-edge technology that links us to the people, resources, and information that improves our lives is reinforced by the numerous and ongoing accolades that TELUS has received over the years from independent, market-leading network perception companies. These accolades showcase the power and speed of TELUS' global-leading networks, and they demonstrate our commitment to doing so.


TELUS Worldwide (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is a number one digital buyer experience innovative leader that works in 28 countries all over the world. The company designs, builds, and delivers subsequent-generation options, together with AI and information component controlled doses, for world and problematic carmakers throughout high-growth "industry" verticals. These verticals include tech and video games, connectivity and media, and online shopping and fintech.

TELUS Health is a global healthcare provider that offers a range of preventative healthcare and wellness alternatives for employees, their families, and their communities. Our TELUS employees, along with our 100,000 health professionals, are leveraging the combination of TELUS' powerful digital and data analytics capabilities with our unrivaled customer service to significantly improve the immediate corrective, prevention and control, and mental health outcomes for over 50 million people all over the world, and this number is growing. TELUS Agriculture Client Items is the most important supplier of digital options and digital insights of its kind. This permits surroundings sustainable and environment-friendly fabrication from seed to retailer, serving to to improve the health and good value of meals and items in a sort of way that may be traced to finish customers.


TELUS, our employees, and our retirees have contributed more than $900 million in cash, in-kind contributions, time and applications, and 1.8 million days of service since the year 2000. This was inspired by our determination and vision to connect all residents for good, as well as our deeply significant and enduring philosophy to provide for the place we live. Because of this unrivaled generosity and unrivaled level of volunteerism, TELUS has become virtually the most charitable company on the face of the globe. Let's work together to ensure that the future is a good one.

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