KNN3 Network raises $2.4M in seed round to develop a multi-chain protocol for D/App and contract.

The Goals and Objectives of the KNN3 Network

Peer-to-Peer transactions and optimal counting network of state changes were brought into the world by the processors of decentralized apps, which are now at the center of Web3 as a result of a shift in the paradigm.

According to Thomas Yu, Co-Founder of KNN3 Network, "As smart contracts and distributed virtual state machines are the foundation of blockchains, decentralized solutions for the World Wide Web actually give back ownership to the users and bring democracy to the Internet." "However, in order to consistently develop ideas that are more adaptable and cutting-edge, it is necessary to continue expanding one's knowledge of Web3. Without permissionless cross-platform data collaboration, individual programs will continue to operate in isolation from one another. For instance, the flywheel of Web3 won't be able to get the crypto cosmos moving in the right direction. Because of this, it is very necessary to have a protocol that is more advanced in order to increase the reusability of web3 data. KNN3 Network is a multi-chain relationship aggregating protocol for decentralized applications and analytics, and it performs that function faultlessly.

The KNN3 Network is what, exactly?

To enable social decentralized applications and artificial intelligence analytics, KNN3 Network offers web3 graph solutions for relational aggregation across different blockchain worlds. It intends to develop into a data curation protocol that is driven by the community and that enables on-chain data collaboration.

According to Thomas Yu, "The team is excited to be a part of the Web3 wave and hope KNN3 Network can get the ball rolling." "The team believes in a relationship creating meanings by converting users' footprints into relational connectors that collectively form a massive graph network," said Yu. "The team is excited to be a part of the Web3 wave."

If a user is a web3 dApp builder, they can leverage the high-performance GraphQL that KNN3 provides to smoothly get the rich data regarding web3 users' relationships. KNN3 Network is responsible for the collection and compilation of many dimensions of relations by looking at users' past actions and status.

In the event that a user is a web3 analyst, KNN3 makes it possible for them to do structural and relational searches in a single location. In addition to this, it offers graph query components in the style of SQL, which any BI or analytics platform that is compatible with SQL can use to interact with their existing query services. In addition, KNN3's Graph Computing Environment Solutions allow algorithm developers to construct and train their own artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Solutions for Collaboration on Data Cross-Platforms That Require No Permission

"Despite the fact that AI analytics toolkits make it possible for individuals to derive value from data stored on individual platforms, these apps typically operate in isolation. Users must walk through an extremely complicated setting when using applications that segment the market. To summarize, there is a lack of integrated middleware, which prevents more complex Web3 use cases from being enabled. According to what Thomas Yu had to say about the matter, "the company wants to go ahead without compromising the essential values of crypto, namely composability and plug play." KNN3 Network offers these kinds of all-in-one solutions for on-chain data-driven decentralized applications (dApps). KNN3 Network offers a trustless protocol that features decentralization-as-a-service (DAAS) and genuine censorship-resistance in comparison to traditional SocialFi dApps that are incorporated with SaaS (Software as a service).

Use cases

In its current incarnation, the KNN3 Network offers data solutions for web3 dApps, with the goals of facilitating user empowerment and social discovery. To be more specific, it has already assisted some decentralized applications (dApps) in maximizing their value delivery. For instance, it provides Quest3 with Virtual Credential Service, which is the fundamental architecture for Quest3's on-chain quest system. This architecture is used to validate whether a Web3 user is eligible to complete a particular task. Additionally, it provides MetaMail and Shorum with social graphs. To encourage users to connect with more friends with simply the click of a button, KNN3 offers a trustless analytic environment for user recommendation algorithms that is based on real-time data that is stored on the KNN3 blockchain.

Additionally, it offers solutions to the Algorithm Registry that are friendly to AI. The user-friendly graph database and open algorithms that are provided by KNN3 make it possible for the latter to develop an open platform that gives users the ability to choose algorithms on their own and submit their own algorithms. The KNN3 Network plans to become a data-collaborating building block in the future so that it can empower mix-dApp, SocialFi, open AIs, and other similar technologies.

Prospective Clientele

The permissionless relational aggregating solutions and virtual credential services offered by KNN3 Network are primarily directed for SocialFi, on-chain credit protocols, and web3 campaign tools. Additionally, KNN3 Network offers ecosystem tools to enable analytics platforms to grow their databases and incorporate web3 multi-chain relational data in a seamless manner. KNN3 Network's long-term goal is to enable NFT/DAO/GameFi promoters to bring more Web3 users into their platforms while simultaneously improving the on-ramp experience for those users through the use of its profiling and enabling toolkits. It also makes it possible for developers of Web3 applications to create multi-chain graph solutions, which can improve the Web3 social experience.

Regarding the KNN3 Network

KNN3 is a Web3 cross-chain connection aggregator that makes it possible for users to be more active participants in social discovery. KNN3 Network offers graph solutions for web3 multiverse relational aggregation, which can be used to enhance social d/Apps and AI analytics. KNN3 seeks to become a community-driven data curation protocol enabling on-chain data collaboration

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The Goals and Objectives of the KNN3 Network

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