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The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinberry, which is a subsidiary of Kevin O'Leary's Wonderfi, has filed lawsuits against fifty

of its clients demanding the return of bitcoins the consumers received through a software malfunction without having to pay for them. According to the data provided in the lawsuit, Coinberry "contacted all of the aforementioned 546 impacted registered individuals through email and sought the restitution of the plundered bitcoins."

Users of Coinberry Canadian Are Being Sued to Recover Their Bitcoin

According to reports, the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinberry has filed a lawsuit against its customers who took advantage of a software bug in order to receive bitcoin without paying for it.

Wonderfi Technologies Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, is the owner of Coinberry, a regulated cryptocurrency trading platform. Kevin O'Leary, star of the television show Shark Tank, is an investor in the company.

The lawsuit was filed in Ontario in June and states that during a software upgrade in the year 2020, Coinberry unintentionally allowed users to buy Bitcoin with Canadian dollars that had not been properly transferred to their accounts. The lawsuit was filed in Ontario.

The cryptocurrency exchange revealed that clients were able to conduct an Interac e-transfer during the software problem, receive the cash credited to their Coinberry accounts, buy Bitcoin, move the coins out, and then cancel the initial e-transfer. They were able to save their funds while simultaneously acquiring free bitcoin using this method.

According to Coinberry, prior to the software problem being fixed, a total of 546 people had the opportunity to acquire around 120 bitcoins free of charge. This was before the problem was fixed. The complaint claims that

Coinberry requested the return of the stolen bitcoins from each of the 546 registered users who were affected by the breach and contacted them via email.

In the next part of the lawsuit, it is stated that Coinberry was successful in "securing the return of approximately 37 of the misappropriated bitcoins from 270 of the affected registered users."

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