OCAVU Network has raised $12M to help brands, athletes, and influencers reclaim content ownership.

OCAVU Network uses Web3 to provide creators more content and financial flexibility.

Launch of OCAVU Network, a patent-pending utility engine for the Web3 environment, means digital experiences, such as NFTs and tokens, may be easily allocated, distributed, and activated by enterprises and influencers to promote a feeling of community among their consumers.

OCAVU equips businesses and influencers with simple Web3 digital engagement solutions. Brigham Young University, MaryRuth Organics, and Social Mixtape joined the OCAVU Network blockchain during its eight-month beta phase, contributing to its quick expansion and increased income. Ocavu's Web3 ecosystem unlocks the potential of NFTs, tokens, and the metaverse by simplifying the process.

OCAVU Co-Founder and CEO Jon Cheney stated a major complaint among content creators and brands was a lack of control over their communities and revenue potential. We established OCAVU Network to tackle this challenge using Web3's new capabilities and paradigms, giving creators more control over their content and financial destiny.

The OCAVU Network is a potent instrument for modifying the levels of engagement, attention, communication, and education that exist within enterprises as a result of the incentives that come with offering digital assets to their respective communities. With the assistance of the OCAVU Utility Engine, which is a component of the OCAVU Network and is the subject of a patent application, communities are able to issue NFTs with authentic utility and manage or administer utility through the platform. These capabilities are made possible by the OCAVU Network. On the OCAVU Network, tickets for digital or physical activities can easily be issued, shared, sold, and reimbursed as NFTs. These tickets can also be used for any of these activities.


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