Hamilton Leigh joins SRG

Following the successful completion of its Hertfordshire acquisition, the insurance intermediary business Specialist Risk Group (SRG) is now the owner of the motor trade insurance broker Hamilton Leigh.

Hamilton Leigh will become a part of SRG's retail division, which is known as Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions (SRIS), now that the company is owned by SRG. In addition to continuing to invest in Hamilton Leigh's experience in the automotive trade and in technological advancements, the plan calls for expanding the business into more specialized markets.

Lee Cohen, managing director of Hamilton Leigh, expressed his company's excitement at being a member of Specialist Risk Group. "The team at Hamilton Leigh is extremely excited to now be part of Specialist Risk Group," "Both companies share the same values and love for their employees, which was a significant factor when concluding that SRG would be the greatest home for Hamilton Leigh. Both organizations also share a strong commitment to innovation."

"The success that Hamilton Leigh has experienced to this has been the result of a real team effort, and we look ahead to that extending with our coworkers at SRG so that we can grow the business."

While this was going on, the deputy group chief executive of SRG, Lee Anderson, was quoted as saying that the merged entity had a "great staff" that would "bring considerable value" to SRIS.

"We truly liked getting to know together throughout the process of closing the deal, and I am looking forward to working closely with Lee, [director] Jill [Hamilton], and their team as we assist them in achieving the next stage of their growth objectives," said one of the parties.

Since 1987, Hamilton Leigh has been running their business.

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