Usman received N213m for his defeat at UFC 278.

Usman received N213m for his defeat at UFC 278.

Kamaru Usman lost his welterweight title to Britain's Leon Edwards at UFC 278, but he didn't make much money after the fight.


Kamaru Usman lost his welterweight title to Britain's Leon Edwards at UFC 278, but he didn't make much money after the fight.

Usman (20-2 MMA, 15-1 UFC) suffered a brutal knockout loss to Edwards (20-3 MMA, 12-2 UFC) in their UFC 278 title fight in August. He lost his welterweight belt in less than a minute.

According to Pete Suazo's salary released by the Utah Athletic Commission, Usman was paid a lump sum of $500,000 (N213,630,000) in August. He was eliminated in the 5th round with a 20-pay headliner. And Leon Edwards received $350,000 for his win. Edwards also doesn't think Usman will lose the UFC title as portrayed.

Edwards perfectly captured Usman's head and handed him his first loss in the Octagon. The former champion was relieved to lose the title and even laughed about his loss to Joe Logan. But Edwards doesn't think her answer is real. Isn't that weird? Finally, from that arrogant man to now: "I'm happy and relieved to pass out," Edwards told BT Sport. "In my case, as I said before, I hope that losing does not make me happy. Know? It's weird. The only way you handle it the way you handle it, right? It couldn't go out and be so salty. So we'll see. I do not know. "The way he does it is strange. I have a feeling he's exaggerating. That's it. He was a champion. He thought he was invincible. he lost It's just a game."


With the series tied 1-1, Edwards admits he is looking forward to a match against Usman in England for their first title defense but is still thinking about a grudge against Jorge Masvidal.

"Yes, 100%." Edwards said. “If something doesn't happen in the next few months, I think Usman 3 could be number one next year. i like masvidal I know he doesn't deserve it, but I want him to fight someone like (Gilbert) Burns in October. Come only once - one good win. »


“Go outside and smoke Burns. I didn't see him hit Burns, but let's just say he went out and smoked Burns. Picture a British scene. I think this will be a bigger fight in England than Usman. I know Usman is a tough guy but for the average British fan I think this is a fight for England. But like I said, I don't care. First come, first come.”


The UFC president Dana white commented Saying


Usman's back legs and knees are an unpopular style, but UFC president Dana White believes the former champion fought perfectly. The 53-year-old told reporters after UFC 278:


“I thought Usman fought well. Think of everything Usman is at risk tonight. Usman fought all night with absolute and complete confidence. He's not the most fan friendly, but he landed big shots to the body and big shots to the head and elbows. He couldn't fight more perfectly until the last minute".


The UFC boss also expressed interest in the rubber match between Usman and Edwards in England, the hometown of the new champion.


Kamarudin Usman (born May 11, 1987) is a Nigerian-American professional mixed martial artist, former freestyle wrestler and popular wrestler. He currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight division and is a former UFC welterweight champion. Usman is also the winner of the Ultimate Fighter 21 tournament. As of August 23, 2022, he is ranked #1 in the UFC Men's Welterweight Championship and #4 in the UFC Men's Welterweight Championship. As a freestyle wrestler, Usman competed primarily at 84 kg (185 lbs) and was part of the 2010 US University World Team. He competed at 174 lbs (79 kg) and was the 2010 NCAA Division II National Champion, a three-time NCAA Division II All-American and NAIA National Qualifier.


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