Bitcoin Magazine: Increased Purchasing Power

Bitcoin Magazine: Increased Purchasing Power

This is a transcribed portion of the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast," which P and Q are responsible for hosting. In this episode, Dylan LeClair of Bitcoin Magazine Pro examines the asymmetric bet that is bitcoin.

Dylan LeClair: I have a theory that there might be an asymmetry in dollars over the short run. And the only reason I care is because, when all of this is said and done, the end aim for me is to have as much bitcoin as I possibly can. Because I believe that, in ten years of declining globalization, at the end of a debt supercycle, the population will literally demand, over the course of a longer period of time, that the currency be printed into oblivion, and administrations, politicians, and central bankers will abide by this demand.

And so, I believe that to be the conclusion of the matter. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a digitally created commodity, a monetary item that can be sent anywhere in the globe, and it has a low production cost. You can't even calculate the marginal production cost because it's negligible, and some people will make it for zero input costs… The long-term trend is simply going straight up and to the right, despite the fact that there is a great deal of volatility.

Mining bitcoins provides a financial incentive for countries all over the world to clean up their energy surpluses. And so, basically, the marginal production cost will go up as the hash rate drops here to planet and as Moore's law kicks in and the miners get more efficient and more productive and the value keeps increasing, and you're going to see the slight manufacturing cost of bitcoin programmatically tick up with it as issuance goes to zero and, once more, difficulty keeps ratcheting up. This is because of the bitcoin supply schedule and because of the difficulty adjustment.

As a result, I believe that this is… the advantage is that we have such an thing that nobody acknowledges, that transactions like a total risk asset, and if it's a digital synthetic commodity that credibly enforces monetary policy in a world where central banks have gone mad, gold has been completely captured by paper markets, etc…

If the hypothesis is correct over a period of ten to fifteen years, you will see a rise in your purchasing power equivalent to one hundred times what it was at the beginning of the period if you take advantage of this opportunity.

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