Ellen Pompeo would reteam with Patrick Dempsey

Ellen Pompeo would reteam with Patrick Dempsey

llen Pompeo stated in an interview with Extra shortly after being honored as one of this year's Disney

Legends at D23 that she would be very interested in the possibility of reuniting with Patrick Dempsey, who played one of her most memorable roles on the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy." When Pompeo first started chatting about her co-star on McDreamy, she said, "We've done some of our greatest work together, right? I believe that both of us, as well as both of us together, are quite proud of the work that we have accomplished. We had a lot of fun doing it, and the result is something that has become incredibly iconic.

When she was asked if she would ever consider working with Dempsey again, she gave a statement that was unclear but positive, placing the majority of the focus on the "Grey's Anatomy" fan base. Pompeo dropped a subtle hint by saying, "Perhaps we have texted about it." "I believe that the fans are going to absolutely adore it. If the content was adequate, we, or at least I, would be completely open to considering it. I believe that the fans would have a great time with that."

Extra obtained an interview with Pompeo in which she revealed her forthcoming role in the upcoming season. It was just just disclosed that she will be playing a more subdued role throughout the 19th season, with her actual presence being shown in only eight of the upcoming 19 episodes of the show. Meredith Grey will, despite this, continue to be an ever-present character on the show. She stated that she was still providing her voice for narration in all of them.

Ellen Pompeo continued by saying

"I'm still going to be with the company, and I'm going to do a limited series for Hulu." I simply need to be away for a little while and try something different. Perhaps working together with Dempsey isn't as out

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