What is PAX Gold (PAXG)? A Complete Guide

Today's investors are at a crucial turning point. Investors are torn between cryptocurrency and more conventional assets like commodities and stocks as a result of the fight between the DeFi and TradFi camps.


PAXG. Today's investors are at a crucial turning point. Investors are torn between cryptocurrency and more conventional assets like commodities and stocks as a result of the fight between the DeFi and TradFi camps.

Investors who have a more conventional view of the market point to the long history and continued value of commodities like gold as evidence for this theory.

Blockchain advocates, on the other hand, say digital currencies are the wave of the future and the natural progression of financial networks. PAXG is a hybrid product that bridges the gaps between these competing perspectives and ideas.

Just what is PAX Gold (PAXG)?

PAX Gold, often known as PAXG, is a token that symbolizes a claim on physical gold stored in a Brink's safe. Standardized gold bars are given by London Good Delivery Services, which works with the Bank of England, gold mines, stock exchanges, and other key gold traders throughout the world to provide the country's gold reserves.

Nearly 400 troy ounces of pure gold are contained in each London Good Delivery Bar. One PAXG token is equivalent to one troy ounce of gold in terms of both value and ownership. One ounce of gold (in troy units) is about 31.1035 grams.

There are at least 999.0 parts pure gold in every thousand London Good Delivery Bars. The PAXG token's worth isn't based on market speculation or the token's inherent utility like other cryptocurrencies. Having PAXG in your possession is the same as having physical gold.

Additionally, users can keep ownership using PAXG tokens instead of purchasing the gold directly, with the same swift and simple transfer options.

The First Appearance of PAXG

The Paxos Trust Company is the entity responsible for establishing PAXG as a Trust. The New York City-based bank that dabbles in technology is an innovator in both fields. To facilitate transactions, PAX Gold was developed as a blockchain. CEO Charles Cascarilla and CFO Richard Teo started the company.

The company's founders met while working at Cedar Hill Capital Partners and Goldman Sachs, respectively. In 2012, Cascarilla and Teo established the Paxos Trust.

The company has launched more cryptocurrency initiatives in addition to the PAXG coin. PAX Dollar, often known as USDP, is another important product created by the same company.

Paxos received a very positive response from many different businesses, and was able to raise almost $500 million throughout the funding events. Mithril Partners, PayPal, and OakHS/FT are just a few of Paxos's prominent investors.

PAXG: How Does It Actually Function?

There is currently no in-house blockchain for PAXG. The Ethereum platform was used to launch the initiative. Since PAXG is an ERC20 token, it can be stored and traded in a wide variety of places online, including cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

Owners of PAXG not only profit from the rising value of gold on global markets, but also from staking and redeeming their tokens for physical gold. Paxos Trust owns all the physical gold coins and bullion that are used to back PAXG. Additionally, the London Bullion Market Association has verified the authenticity of these gold bars.

PAXG's value is tied to gold and is backed by reserves in an identical 1:1 ratio. Therefore, the token's circularity supply fluctuates often as it is tied to the influx and outflow of new investors and the PAXG gold reserves.

Unlike with other cryptocurrencies, investors in PAXG don't have to worry about physically storing any gold they buy. Those that purchase PAXG tokens are essentially buying gold. Users can buy gold in smaller increments, making it suitable for cost-averaging and other trading tactics.

Using PAXG lookup and their Ethereum wallet address, gold bar owners can verify the gold's physical attributes and serial number.

Link Between PAXG and Ethereum

PAXG, it has been shown, is not the native coin of any one particular blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain will serve as the token project's host. There can be many distributed applications hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.






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