Mexico's First Metaverse Shopping Mall

In Mexico, the first shopping mall built on the Metaverse will open with more than eighty different brands available for purchase. On the other hand, it is anticipated that it will grow in the near future and host more than 800 brands. The shopping malls that are developed in the world of

On October 27th, the respective shopping center opened its doors to the public for the first time, and customers may now access the mall through their mobile devices by downloading an application from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. According to Cultura Empersarial, a local media organization, guests of both the venues are permitted to download the application of the shopping mall in order to enjoy an immersive experience. This is the case even though the shopping mall itself does not offer this feature.

In addition to gaining money and gems, customers that reach the appropriate latest virtual area will be granted the ability to make transactions online. These items can be taken to one of the island's many shopping complexes to receive a discount on a variety of different products that are sold there. At this time, the formal confirmation has been given for eighty different brands. In order to differentiate between them, categories will be developed, and up-and-coming brands will be exhibited in a separate hall.

Big Brands Can Often Be Found at the Island Shopping Mall

The brands Victoria's Secret, Pai Pai, Momiji, La Girl, Golden, Bissu, GOC, and LA Colors, as well as Bath Body Works, are among the most well-known of those that have been mentioned. There are a few of them that will as well. Have spaces that are either shared or individual. The creators of Island Shopping Mall mentioned that they had worked together with "The Savings Group limited" on the project. It is a reputable company with headquarters in the United Kingdom that provides promotional vouchers for the incorporation of up to 879 different brands.

The brands Levi's, Apple, Guess, Bershka, Puma, Nike, and Adidas stand out as some of the most well-known in their categories. Due to the fact that Guess has opened a store in the Metaverse, a few of them have already begun to take part in that particular sector of the virtual world. Despite the fact that the company's vice president does not agree with the use of the term "Metaverse," Apple is producing hardware with the goal of creating the best possible version of this virtual environment.

Mexico Is Making Active Steps Into the Metaverse In Order To Further the Development Of Digital Innovation

People who are based in Mexico have been placing significant bets on the territory of the Metaverse. The previous month saw the "Metaverse Mexico Bootcamp" take place. During that particular event, a group of industry professionals provided training on various business models operating within the realm of the Metaverse, thereby advancing the adoption of cryptocurrencies through the use of virtual reality (VR) exhibitions and lectures.

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