Binance Hacked: $600 Million BNB Stolen

It has occurred once more, people. Another breach has been discovered, but this one was not only significant but also unanticipated in scope. This time, the digital currency trading platform Binance, which is the largest and most powerful of its kind in the world, has been targeted as the

Binance has incurred significant financial losses.

As this article is being written, the exchange has suffered a loss of over $600 million as a result of a cyberattack. Binance Coin, abbreviated as BNB, was the only currency used for any of the funds in question. It is the exchange's own proprietary digital asset. The hacking incident was reported by the exchange in the middle of October, and it was immediately documented and studied by cyber security professionals. One of these professionals believes that it occurred as a result of fooling BSC Token Hub.

Token Hub, which served as a cryptocurrency bridge, was tricked and "talked" into transmitting more than two million units of BNB to the hacker. At the time the event took place, these units were worth more than $580 million. On the other hand, the actor had to do a lot more than a little bit of persuading in order to get his (or her) hands on the money. Instead, the person took advantage of a flaw in the software to create arbitrary tokens out of thin air. This was done by exploiting a defect. After that, the Binance network minted them into being.

When asked about the cyberattack, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao provided the following explanation:

An error that occurred on a cross-chain bridge known as BSC Token Hub caused more BNB to be generated. We have requested that all validators temporarily pause BSC operations. The problem is under control at this point. Your money won't go anywhere. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

Binance has been the target of similarly nefarious behavior on multiple occasions, so this is not the first time it has happened. A few years ago, the company was the victim of a cyberattack that resulted in more than $40 million in bitcoin funds being stolen overnight; yet, in light of the current situation, this amount seems quite little. In the earlier incident, the money was never recovered, and the corporation was compelled to cover any losses that were incurred by consumers as a result of the situation. It is now unknown what the trading platform will do this time around or whether or not the money can be retrieved.

When something like this happens, it raises a number of important concerns, the most important of which is, "Why don't significant cryptocurrency businesses like Binance have the security measures in place to stop such massive attacks from happening?"

Another question that needs to be answered is, "Should there be rules implemented to prevent a hack of this nature from ever happening again?

There Could Be Issues With Regulation

This latter question has been circulating across the cryptocurrency community for some time, and it's something of a two-sided coin in terms of its implications (pardon the pun). To start, having regulation that is fixed in stone could stop attacks and other similarly malevolent actions from assuming the lead.

At the same time, cryptocurrency was developed with the intention of providing users with the freedom to make their own financial decisions; yet, if regulations are implemented, this will need the participation of third parties; consequently, some of that freedom may be lost.

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