Oryen (ORY) Starts Second Presale Phase While Cryptos Like KAVA, BNB, And MATIC Struggle To Keep Up

Oryen (ORY) Starts Second Presale Phase While Cryptos Like KAVA, BNB, And MATIC Struggle To Keep Up

In light of the fact that a recession is forecast to begin in 2023, bitcoin business owners need to reevaluate their approach. Many of them have come to terms with the fact that projects such as Kava (KAVA), Binance (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), and others in like situations are having difficult

Oryen (ORY) (ORY)

Oryen is a blockchain platform that caters to investors of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned veterans. As a result of the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), which enables automatic staking and auto-compounding to take place immediately within the investor's wallet, it provides investors with both peace of mind and convenience. There is no need to transfer any funds or assets because the ORY holding grows by one unit every sixty minutes as a result of OAT and the rebase reward scheme implemented by the protocol.

In addition, Oryen provides an annual yield (APY) of 90% to its early investors, which is equivalent to a daily return on investment (ROI) of 0.177%. These rates are much higher than what can be offered by other coins. The annual percentage yield is a set amount that does not fluctuate regardless of how the market is performing. The risk-free value (RFV) is a wallet that is part of the protocol and contains a buffer value. It is responsible for maintaining the stability of the ORY floor price. Because the protocol is driven by the community as a whole, gains are given directly to investors rather than going into a central bank account.

Kava (KAVA) (KAVA)

If we compare Kava (KAVA) to Oryen (ORY), we can see that Kava has a lot of trouble keeping up. The speed and interoperability of Cosmos are brought together with the strength of Ethereum's developer community via the Kava Network. This network makes use of its own native governance and utility token known as KAVA. Validators have the option of staking their KAVA or delegating it to other validator nodes. As an incentive for maintaining the integrity of the KAVA network, Stakers and Delegators are entitled to 37.5% of all KAVA emissions.

(BNB) Owners of BNB are also falling more and further behind ORY investors. Binance is a unique ecosystem of decentralized blockchain-based networks, and its native token, BNB, is named after the exchange itself. The project has grown to become a significant cryptocurrency exchange in several countries, and a lot of interest has also been shown in its affiliates. In 2017, the company began as a simple exchange; however, it has since expanded its services into a variety of diverse fields.

Polygon (MATIC) (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) is demonstrating signs of improvement but may not experience expansion on the same scale as Oryen (ORY). Polygon is the first Layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum. It is a framework that is both scalable and simple to use. The implementation of DeFi applications on a centralized blockchain is made possible by this protocol. It also offers a quick rate of 65,000 transactions per second on a single sidechain and a TXF block confirmation time of fewer than two seconds. Both of these features contribute to its overall speed.

The bare essentials
The first phase of Oryen's presale event was a success, which allowed the company to move on to the second phase.

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