Even during World Cup, Gareth Southgate won't keep quiet about the problem in Qatar

Gareth Southgate, the coach of England, has vowed to actually talk out on matters of human rights at the World Cup and has informed FIFA that he will not be quiet.

Despite receiving the right to host in 2010, controversy has enveloped Qatar, with the exploitation of migrant workers and the criminalization of same-sex partnerships among the most pressing concerns.

The 32 competing nations' association heads were urged not to "let football to be drawn into every ideological or political fight that exists" in a letter from FIFA President Gianni Infantino last week.

Since taking over as England manager, Southgate has responded to inquiries on the subject, and skipper Harry Kane will help propel England out in Qatar wearing an armband in support of the OneLove anti-discrimination movement.

'The official FIFA World Cup Countdown Clock could well be found on the corniche in Doha, Qatar, reflecting the city's skyline, on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Uncomfortably, one of the biggest athletic events in the world has brought attention to Qatar's labor laws, which tie worker permits to employers and keep pay low for those who work hard in stressful circumstances.'


With England departing on Tuesday, Southgate will undoubtedly be questioned more as the competition goes on, but he still plans to respond to them despite FIFA's warning.

When asked if he was unimpressed that FIFA had instructed national teams to only discuss football-related issues, he responded: "Unimpressed — I'd be distressed if there was nothing I could do about it.

However, I'll decide whether to talk or not, and I have a good feeling that the players will do the same. Therefore, I don't believe that communication will certainly influence us.

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"That being said, we must also concentrate on the football, build a strong team, and direct our energies there. However, we will speak up when necessary and respond appropriately to inquiries. I'm very aware of the extent of our influence.

If I'm being completely honest, I don't think there's much more we can say about those topics that will be novel. I believe we've pushed the requests that the human rights organizations questioned the FA to produce.

"And we're in a situation where we do have some power, and now we have tried to utilize that power, as have some of the professionals in the recent past, to support some really excellent initiatives.

'Harry Kane of England is shown in an undated handout photo from the FA with a OneLove captain's armband. In Qatar, where same-sex couples and the encouragement of same-sex partnerships are forbidden, Kane will wear the OneLove armband along with the captains of the other eight nations that have advanced for the World Cup. In the Nations League match versus Italy on Friday night, he will rock the armband for the first time.'


We ain't gon na stop doing it though, but there are times when we also need to make absolutely sure our attention is where it needs to be.

When the finals begin on November 20, Southgate predicts that it is "very improbable" that he will solely discuss football and that the discussion about Qatar's history will continue.

He remarked, "I believe that's exceedingly doubtful.

"We have always discussed topics we believe need to be discussed, especially those we believe have the potential to have an impact. Despite to a few recent information, we have discussed this tournament's human rights issues in the same manner as other countries have. We have made it quite clear what we think about that. So let's say we want to concentrate mainly on football. This is a football fairground for every player, manager, and spectator traveling to a World Cup. It is what you have worked for your entire life, and you don't want anything else going on right now to take away from it.

But we are aware that we will eventually find ourselves in that circumstance; we must accept and manage it.

Any Qatari supporters who want to watch their nation compete should be concerned about how the LGBTQ+ population is treated in Qatar.

The Football Federation's prior opinions on the subject were referenced once more by Southgate, who also cited England's victory in the Women's Euros this summer as evidence of the importance of LGBTQ+ athletes in the sport.

Therefore, he continued, "with respects to the LGBT community, we stand for inclusiveness and we are very, very strong on that. "We believe that is significant for all of our fans. We are aware of the difficulties that this competition presents.

"We wouldn't be the women's European champions if it weren't for the power of that community. Therefore, it's crucial to us.

What do you think about his opinion regarding the situation around Qatar(which is the ground hosting the world cup this year)

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