MoneyBirds and Lithium blockchain-based auctions

MoneyBirds has reportedly formed a partnership with Lithium Finance, a company that specializes in the provision of solutions for property valuation, in order to make it possible for customers to participate in decentralized auctions.


Evaluation that is both dependable and transparent

Lithium Finance and MoneyBirds, a decentralized auction platform in Solana, have joined forces in order to provide customers with an appraisal service that is both more transparent and more reliable when valuing electronic and actual collectables.

Customers will be able to take advantage of a redistributed vendor with new scoring methods as a result of this merger, which will make it much simpler for them to successfully navigate the enormous Web3 market. Lithium offers a decentralized evaluation process that is founded on AI, in contrast to the centralized method that is used by traditional auction houses.

Lithium makes use of the economics of cryptocurrencies to poll the community for input and learn what investors think about goods like NFT. Participants in the decentralized Solana (SOL) auction that is being hosted by Lithium Finance will be able to obtain a more accurate valuation of the assets that are up for grabs as a result of the newly developed methodology for asset valuation.

Future collaboration is expected. According to the article, both platforms are now working together on upcoming events in order to attract a greater number of attendees and investors. Each and every item can be seen as well as put up for auction.

Web-2 and Web-3 are separated by this gap.

The two businesses will jointly organize competitions for Web-3 users, with cryptocurrency tokens serving as the prize. MoneyBirds' goal is to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technology by developing a platform that enables anyone to become a one-of-a-kind collector and thrive financially as a result of their collection. The company that operates MoneyBirds is known as Monkey Kingdom, and it is one of the most well-known NFT services in Asia.

It was Monkey Kingdom that broke new ground as the first successful NFT platform in Asia. Transparency is one of the defining characteristics of the MoneyBirds ecosystem.

During the course of each auction, the platform will make public both the number of people who placed bids and the wallet address of each bidder. This will ensure that users have a comprehensive comprehension of the entirety of the decision-making procedure. Participation from the community is welcome and encouraged in a number of key aspects of MoneyBirds.

During this process, both the strategy and the general direction of development are figured out. In the future, the community will also be responsible for deciding things like the structure of the commissions and the length of the auction. MoneyBirds provides its early backers with a reward in the form of admission to special auctions for the most highly sought-after limited items.

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