Bitso's involvement will boost crypto in Argentina.

In recent years, the Latin America (LATAM) region has demonstrated that it is very much into the technology of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. The continued expansion of the cryptocurrency industry in the area can be attributed to this love.


Multiple cryptocurrency exchanges have started doing business in the same geographic area throughout the course of time. Bitso is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that is now operating in the region, and it has the desire to provide its users with additional services.

Bitso has begun accepting payments via QR codes.

Bitso is one of the crypto companies in Latin America and the Caribbean that is ready to provide greater crypto exposure to the region. Its goal is to make cryptographic assets widely accepted throughout the region so that no one will hesitate to use them.

In addition to this, it would like the international public to be aware of how open and accepting the LATAM region is of cryptocurrencies.

Bitso has introduced a new service as part of its ongoing mission to develop additional applications and use cases for cryptocurrency. Officials from Bitso just recently made the announcement that their long-awaited payments service is now live and operational.

The QR codes, which could be scanned in order to make payments in various cryptocurrencies, would form the foundation of this unique payment service.

The service is catered to the needs of travelers.

The confirmation that the service will be offered in Argentina was provided by the announcement that was made by Bitso's official representatives. Visitors to Argentina who are experiencing difficulties with their currency would be the target audience for this service.

Travelers in Argentina would be able to use bitcoins to pay for their goods if they utilized the new service that is being provided by Bitso.

According to a statement made by a spokeswoman for Bitso, the newly introduced service was developed with consideration given to the challenges that tourists confront while in Argentina.

Access to the local currency is one of the most difficult challenges faced by travellers. Therefore, this is their endeavor to make the life of tourists visiting Argentina a little bit easier while they are here.

With the help of the new service, vacationers would be able to pay for their purchases with a variety of cryptocurrencies at any store. The only thing that would be required of them is to generate the QR code and have the merchants scan it.

Argentina is one of the countries that offers more than a dozen different exchange rates for the United States dollar. Having a QR code that allows payment in cryptocurrency would, consequently, spare tourists the trouble of going through all of the necessary steps.

Availability of the Service

Over the past few years, Argentina has seen a significant expansion in its payment technologies. In Argentina, as in China, consumers have become accustomed to making digital payments via QR codes.

Therefore, it was a smart move for Bitso to promote its service, which would eventually increase the usage of cryptocurrencies by tourists. This was an outcome that would benefit both parties.

Ether, Bitcoin, and the majority of the stablecoins were all presented during the inaugural run of Bitso. Depending on the demand in the market, the exchange can extend the range of cryptocurrencies that it supports.

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