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As the broad implementation of blockchain technology edges closer, an increasing number of communities and platforms are being established in order to bring people together in this new area and encourage them to participate. These specialized clubs give members of the community a place to


The Kizumi brand, on the other hand, creates a community for people who share the same tenacity, enthusiasm, and determination in their pursuit of becoming the greatest versions of themselves. These are the principles that the brand upholds, and it communicates those values to the members of the community. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting for people of all all kinds of experiences and backgrounds. The community that Kizumi will help to foster is a platform that the members of the community will have the ability to shape: whether it will be to offer educational resources, a place for intellectual discussions, a way to connect with others in the industry, or just a place for the members of the community to kick up their feet and enjoy the company of others.

Kizumi Is Home To Both A Neighborhood And A Social Club
Kizumi is a brand that encourages its members to uphold the ideals of community and camaraderie in their daily lives. People that share similar goals, interests, and passions are the people who make up the community. The company facilitates the meeting of persons with similar interests and goals as well as the development of more meaningful relationships for its customers.

The community functions as a genuine metaverse community by congregating on Discord and providing a platform that enables people to produce and share material. This content can take the form of text postings, photographs, or videos. Kizumi is a place where individuals are free to be themselves and to express their creativity without interference from others.

The notion of the brand was developed in a manner that was quite analogous to this. The idea to develop their group naturally with individuals who match their beliefs and interests in areas such as sports, money, video games, anime, cryptocurrency, and so on came up over the course of a casual get-together amongst a group of friends who were simply hanging out and eating dinner.

Given that there are people in different parts of the world who share similar perspectives on life, the group came to the consensus that there should be a place within the metaverse where individuals may freely engage with others on a community level, regardless of where they physically reside. Kizumi is a platform that allows members of the community to share their own narratives and experiences as they work toward being their greatest selves.

Kizumi is of the opinion that a strong community is essential to successfully molding the metaverse. The company has a vision of a community that is welcoming, kind, and genuine; one that is constructed on trust, respect, and cooperation; and one that is a web3 community that individuals with similar perspectives find entertaining.

In this community's hangout spot, known simply as The Clubhouse, people assemble. Members of this private club, which is gated by tokens, are granted access to unique events, information, and early updates on plans. In this clubhouse located in the metaverse, Kizumi muddles the distinctions between the metaverse and the real world. The members of the community would come together with their meta-friends and work on creating a new reality together.

How to Become a Member of the Clubhouse
Building a community and making connections within the metaverse are at the heart of Kizumi. Being a member of The Clubhouse gives you access to possibilities in the physical world as well as the meta realm. Having access to The Clubhouse offers you the opportunity to engage in conversation with the community's core members and founders, as well as other individuals who share your interests and aspirations in life.

The owner of a Kizumi Avatar NFT would be allowed entrance to The Clubhouse as well as the exclusive privileges that are reserved only for members. Kizumi is of the opinion that NFTs provide users with the opportunity to creatively and individually construct their realities within the metaverse.

In 2023, the Kizumi brand will release its very first NFT collection while simultaneously throwing open its doors to members of the community. The Solana-based NFT art collection that focuses on profile photos will consist of 10,000 individual pieces.

About Kizumi
Kizumi is a brand owned by Web3 that emphasizes the significance of a community that allows its members to discover their own reality within the metaverse. It is a social club where people who share similar goals and interests can come together to contribute to the development of the community.

In the year 2023, the Kizumi brand will introduce its very first NFT PFP collection. Only 10,000 items can be purchased from the collection. When members of the community complete activities within the community, they have the opportunity to earn spots on the whitelist.

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