GameGuru Token Listed On P2B Exchange

P2B now includes support for the GameGuru coin.

Through the use of the platform, it is possible to engage in the trading of GGT tokens and to become a member of the project's community. Transactions involving the currency combination GGT/USDT Now that we have that out of the

What exactly is the GameGuru?
GameGuru's primary objective is to establish itself as an industry leader in the bitcoin e-gift card and digital gaming goods markets. Through the use of this site, users will have access to more than 2,600 electronic gift cards and digital games sourced only from the most respected wholesalers in Europe. Because the application programming interfaces (APIs) of every vendor will be included into the system, all items will be immediately available for download.

GameGuru will be able to provide the following benefits once it begins exclusively taking its own native GGT token (BEP-20) as payment:

Eliminating listing costs is one way to generate discounts in the range of six percent to ten percent. There will still be a profit margin of between seven and twelve percent (depending on the product). A dividend is going to be distributed by the corporation to the people who possess GGT tokens.

Items completely devoid of danger that have been obtained from reputable European vendors.

The incorruptibility of bitcoin transactions and API interaction with retail outlets combine to make lightning-fast delivery of products possible.

GameGuru Benefits
Over 2,600 digital games and eGift cards sourced only from Europe's most reputable wholesale wholesalers will be made available on the platform. Because of the API connectivity that was done with the various suppliers, all of the things would be quickly provided and downloaded.

Additionally, wallets that store tokens will be eligible for a monthly distribution of the earnings of the marketplace that will be proportionate to the amount of tokens kept in the wallet. The remaining of the funds will be invested into ensuring that the initiative continues to make progress financially.

Their mission statement is as follows:

Less priced e-gift cards and digital games.
All wholesalers in Europe are subjected to stringent screening processes to guarantee that the goods they provide for sale are completely risk-free.
Transactions with cryptographic currencies are incorruptible, and API connectivity with suppliers makes for blazing-fast delivery of products.
Those who own tokens will be eligible for a monthly dividend of a share of the profits made through our cryptocurrency marketplace.
On the P2B market, the GGT token may now be bought and sold. In addition, make sure that you are following the project on each of your preferred social media channels so that you can stay up to date.

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