Bitcoin News: Crypto enables useful businesses and is "here to stay"

Bill Ackman, who is a billionaire and the chief executive officer of Pershing Square Capital Management, claims that despite the fact that unethical promoters use cryptocurrency tokens to perpetuate fraud, these tokens "can enable the formation of useful businesses." Ackman, wh

A "Powerful Lever in Accessing a Global Workforce to Advance a Project" is Crypto, According to a Recent Article.
After looking at several different crypto projects, the American billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has stated that he now feels that "crypto can enable the establishment of meaningful businesses and technology that up until now could not be produced." The capacity to create and use crypto tokens "to reward participation in a business is a tremendous lever in reaching a worldwide workforce to promote a project," according to the billionaire.

In spite of this, Ackman claimed in a discussion on Twitter on November 20 that cryptocurrency, just like the telephone and the internet before it, may be a helpful tool for making fraud easier to commit. In order to provide credence to this claim, he referred to the fact that "unethical advocates can design tokens merely to aid pump and dump operations." According to the calculations of the millionaire, the "great majority of crypto currencies are utilized for fraudulent purposes rather than for creating genuine enterprises." [Citation needed]

Ackman, who is the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, utilizes two projects, Helium and DIMO, to illustrate why he has altered his position in spite of the fact that he has pointed out what he considers to be the shortcomings of cryptocurrency. He said:

Limebike and other companies, like others, utilize the global Wi-Fi network that Helium developed to track devices all over the world, in addition to using it for other purposes that might profit from access to global Wi-Fi networks. Individuals that purchased and installed Helium hotspots in order to mine HNT, the platform's native currency, are responsible for the crowd creation of Helium's worldwide network of 974k hotspots.

According to Ackman, users that are interested in using the network are need to purchase HNT "and burn it" in order to do so. Ackman pointed out that the demand for the network is ultimately connected to the demand for the HNT coins.

Regarding DIMO, a decentralized data-driven ecosystem that aims to connect car owners with manufacturers, the billionaire stated that he also envisions a "two-sided market for DIMO tokens developing over time where data-users buy and burn tokens that are minted by car owners with DIMO data collection devices." This market would allow data-users to buy and sell tokens that were minted by car owners with DIMO data collection devices.

Investing in cryptocurrencies as a Passtime
During this time, the billionaire confirmed yet again in the Twitter thread that he has invested in DIMO. He also stated that the total amount of his assets that are invested in crypto-related projects is less than 2% of his total assets. Ackman issued the following warning to his following of over 500,000 people:

Because I try to spend as little time as possible on investments that are not related to Pershing Square, I invest more as a hobbyist trying to learn than as a careful investor. Because of this, I ask that you not rely on my due diligence or consider any of the above as an investment recommendation.

Ackman, who has previously stated that crypto tokens such as bitcoin have no intrinsic value, concluded the thread by stating that "crypto is here to stay" and that it has the potential to be more beneficial when it is properly regulated. Ackman also stated that he believes the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow in the future.

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