WAHED and The Creator's Group partner to transform real estate

WAHED and The Creator's Group partner to transform real estate

WAHED, the world's first investment hub for blockchain businesses in technology, innovative companies, and sustainable initiatives, is ecstatic to announce its newly formed partnership with Creator's Group, which will bring the benefits of the decentralized economy to the busin


By utilizing the blockchain technology of Binance Smart Chain, this alliance intends to improve the transparency and efficiency of operational processes. The ecosystem maintained by Creator's Group will now benefit from more openness in regard to property duties, transactions, and brokerage. Additionally, blockchain technology will be able to give permanent records of ownership and property rights, which will result in the elimination of any instances of confusion or fraud.

Conventionally speaking, the process of creating contracts and conducting obligation transactions in the real estate market continues to be one that is time-consuming and expensive. Through the utilization of templates, blockchain technology, and smart contracts that are able to conform to the specifications of the end users, the parties involved in this partnership plan to significantly cut costs.

The WAHED team will explain it as follows:

"We believe in keeping things as clear as possible, and all of our partners can enjoy transparency with regard to any funding activity and the progress of the project as we produce measurable performance metrics while leveraging the technology of blockchain ledgers. The public's impression may be altered with the assistance of transparency, which also helps to restore confidence. The World Association for Health and Economic Development (WAHED) offers its complete backing to those individuals and organizations that are working to improve global health and economic conditions.


WAHED is an investing platform that is of the future generation and is situated in the United Kingdom. WADED is an organization with the mission of bettering the world through the encouragement of various commercial endeavors. It is led by Shaikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Salman AlKhalifa. The platform acts as a blockchain and investments partner, enabling businesses to capitalize on the benefits of a decentralized economy and deliver value on a larger scale. It is important to note that WAHED Coin, the platform's native currency, is what drives the initiative forward. On December 5, 2022, WAHED Coin will become tradable on LBank after first being made accessible for trading on that day.

CEO Eng Ali Al Salman launched Creator Group in the year 2016, and its headquarters are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company has worked hard over the years to solidify its position as a market leader both domestically and internationally. A group of creators. Homeowners, investors, corporate clients, landlords, and developers are some of the different types of customers that Creator Group serves. The company also provides a variety of services to customers located both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia. These services include commercial and residential leasing, as well as leases for commercial properties. Feasibility studies, the purchase and sale of land or property, project development, and property brokerage are also included. In addition, Creator Group is able to provide its customers with real estate valuations, as well as guidance and opportunities.

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