P2B Starts Epillo's Token Sale!

P2B Starts Epillo's Token Sale!

On the P2B exchange, the token sale session for Epillo has officially begun.


You have till the 8th of December to make a purchase of tokens and join the community associated with the project. Following the completion of the token sale, the tokens will be made available for trading on the P2B platform. In the meanwhile, the following is a brief overview of the endeavor.

What exactly is Epillo?
In the year 2020, Epillo Health Systems OÜ was founded as a health and fitness firm with the mission of supplying customers with cutting-edge health and fitness goods and services to assist them in better managing their fitness, medicines, physical activity, and lifestyle. The firm is committed to spreading its idea of consumerizing healthcare and does so by making consistent use of cutting-edge blockchain technology and the various services it provides.

Based on a patent that was issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on blockchain-based drug-drug and drug-food interactions, the company has developed a comprehensive ecosystem that includes Blockchain-based smart wearables with features such as the storage of health and fitness data on the chain, NFT authentication, move to earn, NFT gaming and marketplace, staking and swapping, and digital therapeutics software to lessen adverse drug effects.

The EPILLO project token, which the firm plans to issue, is designed to act as the ecosystem's primary form of centralized governance.


Ideas that are essential to the mission and philosophy of the project
The democratization of the fitness industry is at the heart of the key values that underpin our organization. EPILLO, via its work in the healthcare and blockchain industries, has established personalised treatment for their user base.

EPILLO's long-term objective is to restore users' agency and privacy by keeping their data in a distributed network that is encrypted and almost difficult to penetrate. This will be accomplished via the use of blockchain technology. The Smartwatch, the first wearable device of its kind, is a blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) device that implements a blockchain-based authentication system and assists consumers and businesses in their efforts to improve their health and fitness. The Smartwatch is also being used to launch the project.

In contrast to standard smartwatches, which give the manufacturer custody of the data collected from the user's actions, this platform provides consumers with the extraordinary chance to take full control of the data collected from their everyday lives. This is of utmost significance in light of the expanding understanding of the risks associated with a lack of data privacy in the contemporary environment.

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