Lionel Messi joins Bit Get

Lionel Messi joins Bit Get

Lionel Messi, an Argentine professional soccer star, has joined forces with Bit Get, a firm that deals in digital money. The company will provide supporters of the Paris Saint-Germain team – for which Lionel Messi plays – the opportunity to exchange digital assets and explore the expan


Lionel Messi Delves Even Further Into the World of Cryptocurrency
The agreement has been signed, but very little specifics have been disclosed about it. This is despite the fact that it was made in advance of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. Messi is scheduled to make his sixth participation at the competition. In a recent interview, Gracy Chen, the managing director of Bit Get, provided the following explanation:

When we choose partnerships, we make an effort to select ones that mirror the variety and depth of the community that uses our platform. The Web 3.0 is now available to sports lovers. They make the market available to cryptocurrency dealers. As we get closer to the World Cup in football, Messi is going to lead Argentina to unprecedented levels of triumph. It is truly an honor for us to have such a powerful force of nature working with us.

Messi was ready to add his two cents to the conversation as well, adding as follows:

I would want to express my gratitude to Bit Get for the excitement they showed in introducing me to the world of cryptocurrencies. I have faith that both organizations will be able to launch significant projects, such as providing web 3.0 to sports fans.

The famous soccer player is not making his first excursion into the realm of digital money. Rather, this is his second attempt at doing so. In the late summer of the previous year, the athlete made the announcement that he was going to get some of his income in the form of digital currency. In addition to that, he entered into a collaboration with the cryptocurrency site As part of the agreement between the two organizations, Messi would promote the business over the course of the following three years via his social media accounts and other platforms, which would pay a total of twenty million dollars.

At the time when the transaction was being negotiated, Lionel Messi offered the following commentary on the situation:

Fans have a right to be acknowledged for all of their support. They have earned the right to have a say in the decisions made by the teams they support. The purpose of is to improve the fan experience by giving fans the opportunity to 'be more.' I am overjoyed to be able to contribute to's goal of making the future of fandom more connected and rewarding for people all over the world.

A Phenomenon on the Rise?
Over the course of the past few years, the worlds of sports and cryptocurrency have practically fused into one another. These days, there is a fine line separating the two, as an increasing number of athletes now serve as spokespeople for brands operating in the digital asset space. A prominent illustration of this can be found in Tom Brady, who has appeared in multiple advertisements for the well-known digital currency exchange FTX.

A humorous take on the mining process was shown in one of the most recent advertisements. The audience was treated to a spectacle in which Brady used a flamethrower on a block of ice. When the block was finally melted down, a significant bitcoin was revealed for everyone to see. Since September of last year, Brady has also been acting in the capacity of brand ambassador for FTX.

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