Tosin Silverdam undergoes liposuction surgery, shares recovery journey (Video)

He highlighted the satisfaction of emerging unscathed despite the conditions that prevented him from doing so.

Tosin Silverdam, a Nigerian content creator, has revealed the results of his liposuction treatment while sharing a video of his recovery.


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A few days ago, the blogger announced on Instagram that he intended to undergo gynecomastia and liposuction surgery.

He wrote;

“I Might Be Going For Liposuction And Gynecomastia Surgery For My Tummy and Breast. Hopefully I Passed All The Tests And I’m Fit For It
I’ll Definitely Share My Journey With You Guys. The Surgery Will Be Done By Grandville Medical And Laser”

Tosin Silverdam fulfills his commitment to his fans by providing an update on the surgery in the most recent development.

Sharing footage of himself in a stage of recuperation, he emphasized the satisfaction of surviving despite the circumstances that precluded him from doing so.


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Thank you Jesus, the surgery was successful. Gynecomastia and liposuction done ✅. Thanks to the wonderful @grandvillemedlaser for doing a fantastic job can’t wait to show you guys more. I’ve been planning this journey for a long time and all the struggles too,” he wrote.


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He added, “Kudos to all the people that go through the process, beauty is indeed a pain.”

Watch the videos below.




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Congratulations to your successful surgery

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Kudos to you

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All this for what exactly?anyways thank God u survived going under the knife

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Kudos to you

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