Recap of Abot Kamay Na Pangarap with Synopsis and Cast.

Abot Kamay Na Pangarap


Abot Kamay Na Pangarap is an inspiring drama series that tells the story of Lyneth (Carmina Villarroel), an illiterate mother, and her intelligent daughter, Analyn (Jillian Ward), who is the youngest neurosurgeon in the Philippines. The series follows their heartwarming journey as they support each other through every struggle and strive to achieve their dreams.

Episode Recap - October 25, 2023

The episode opens with Lyneth and Analyn still reeling from the revelation that Carlos (Allen Dizon) is Analyn's biological father. Carlos tries to explain his side of the story, but Lyneth is still hurt and angry. Meanwhile, Moira (Pinky Amador) continues to plot against Lyneth and Analyn, determined to destroy their happiness.

Despite the challenges they face, Lyneth and Analyn remain strong and united. They are determined to overcome any obstacle that comes their way and achieve their dreams together.


  • Carmina Villarroel as Lyneth
  • Jillian Ward as Analyn
  • Richard Yap as Robert Tanyag
  • Allen Dizon as Carlos
  • Pinky Amador as Moira
  • Dominic Ochoa as Delfin
  • Andre Paras as Justin
  • Wilma Doesnt as Josa
  • Ariel Villasanta as Migo

Additional Notes

  • Abot Kamay Na Pangarap airs weekdays at 2:30 PM on GMA Afternoon Prime.
  • The series is also available to stream on GMANetwork.com and the GMA Network app.

Abot Kamay Na Pangarap October 25 2023

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