Batang Quiapo, Magnanakaw, Magnananakaw - A tale of thieves, guilt, and redemption.

Batang Quiapo, which aired on January 29, 2024, is titled "Magnanakaw, Magnananakaw". Here's a recap with a synopsis and the main cast and watch the full episode:


The episode revolves around the concept of "magnanakaw," which translates to "snatchers" or "thieves." The story focuses on different characters dealing with the repercussions of theft and its impact on their lives.

  • Tanggol Mokang: Struggles with the guilt of his past as a notorious thief and tries to make amends by protecting others from similar situations. He faces a difficult choice when he encounters a young boy who is being trained by a seasoned thief.
  • Bubbles Tanggol: Tanggol's wife, grapples with the challenges of raising their family in a poverty-stricken community. She becomes suspicious of Tanggol's secretive behavior and worries that he might be returning to his old ways.
  • Aling Mameng: A wise and compassionate market vendor, offers guidance and support to Tanggol and Bubbles. She becomes involved in a conflict with a local gang leader who is responsible for a string of thefts in the area.
  • Mayor Maganda: The charismatic and ambitious mayor, implements new policies aimed at curbing crime in Quiapo. However, his methods are questioned by some who believe they are unfairly targeting the impoverished residents.


  • John Arcilla as Tanggol Mokang
  • Sunshine Dizon as Bubbles Tanggol
  • Jaclyn Jose as Aling Mameng
  • Mark Lapid as Mayor Maganda
  • Tetchie Agbayani as Aling Sonya
  • Tommy Abuel as Mang Isko
  • AJ Raval as Aiza
  • Yassi Pressman as Jenny
  • Neil Ryan Seah as Cholo
  • Maui Taylor as Carmen

Batang Quiapo January 29 2024

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