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Aotearoa Surf School, so also operate all along the east coast north of Auckland, including Orewa, Omaha, Pakiri, Te Arai, Mangawhai, Langs Beach and Waipu Cove.

You might think that the mention of the word "yoga" makes it obvious that this is going to be about yoga. But not so! Because on a holiday to New Zealand you can go surfing too! And... other stuff. Like stand-up paddle boarding! And then there's wine tasting and luge riding and sandboarding and hiking and mountain biking and hot air ballooning and hanging out with dolphins. All in one place! In New Zealand! On your vacation from work/vacation from home/holiday from wherever you don't have any commitments for weeks or months at time with enough saved up

That is exactly what I did recently. I went on a yoga retreat in Nz. The yoga classes were led by high quality yoga teachers and included yoga poses to learn and master, meditation and pranayama breathing practices, yin yoga for hips, but also handstands poses and even karma yoga (which means service) through cleaning the yoga rooms after each class. Because we had one day of pure surfing practice sandwiched between four days of yoga classes. We started with learning about surfboards when we chose them from many shapes and sizes that were available at the beachfront shop longboards.

Retreat yoga holidays are very popular throughout the world. They offer yoga enthusiasts, novice yoga fans and yoga beginners alike, an opportunity to learn yoga in a new environment with like-minded people who also love yoga. The retreat yoga experience includes special yoga classes led by expert yoga instructors; yoga workshops; delicious, healthy vegan/vegetarian meals cooked fresh daily by local ingredients; tours of local attractions; relaxing days full of rest and relaxation on the beach or outdoors exploring the beauty of nature.

What yoga retreat can I go on in New Zealand?"  That was the question I asked myself, I had come across yoga surfing retreats in Australia but never one for yoga enthusiasts here…

Turns out there is a yoga ackland surf retreat , New Zealand. Eureka! When you travel with Intrepid Travel everything seems possible! And it was an amazing experience to learn yoga from with yoga mats that are inflatable. Who said yoga has to be done laying down?! The whole movement of yoga surfing really suits my philosophy of practicing yoga with flexibility and strength, not just trying hard poses which were easy not to challenge yourself if the environment allows you.

Retreat centers provide yoga classes day and night for up to 100 people which means you can meet many like minded people at yoga holiday resorts. Don't be surprised if you run into celebrities or other yogis that are known throughout the world - it happens all the time! If you want to keep your privacy don't worry because most yoga centers have yoga studios with balconies for extra privacy during your kids surfboards.

A yoga retreat journey in Auckland is a great idea for anyone who wishes to embark on yoga retreat NZ. The city of Auckland has many yoga retreat centers that are well-equipped with all kinds of facilities you need for yoga sessions. There can be unexpected and unplanned events during yoga retreat journeys.

She advised her students to keep breathing deeply as she ran out the door with one hand guiding her yoga mat away from where they were practicing yoga. As it turned out, there had been a traffic accident outside their yoga studio.  She found that people are often at their best during times like these.

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