Ralf Rangnick's future at Manchester United is still up in the air.

When Rangnick's tenure as first-team coach at Manchester United comes to an end, the club has not yet determined the terms of his post.

Rangnick was appointed manager of Manchester United in November 2021, with the initial idea being to oversee the squad until the conclusion of the season, after which he would continue in a consultant capacity for an additional two years.

Rangnick's new post will not be "particularly hands-on," according to Sky Sports, who reports that the new role would be "more strategic." Instead of having the last say in crucial decisions, it appears that others in positions of authority within the club will look to him for guidance.

A lack of consistency on the field suggests that Rangnick hasn't had much time to deal with concerns that have arisen off the playing field. Manchester United's elimination from the Champions League, on the other hand, may provide them with additional time to devote to future planning.

Ralf Rangnick may not finish the season with Manchester United.


There is a lot more to a player's personality and character than just their ability to play football or how well they fit into a team's system, according to Rangnick.

He may be looking into the personalities and traits of potential new players because ESPN reports that Rangnick is concerned about his players' mentality.

Sky Sports has also said that they don't even have a place for Rangnick to be based, which further complicates the situation. The Manager's office is where he's most likely to be based for the time being, although that will be taken over by someone else next season.

When a new member of the club's staff is hired, it is usually to replace an existing member who has left the organization. If they don't have an office ready for him, it's understandable that they don't have one for him.

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