In the transfer window, Manchester United has been instructed on how to proceed with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United is uncertain due to the club's disappointing season, which will likely result in them missing out on Champions League qualification.

They think that Cristiano Ronaldo should leave this summer, but there is a lot of debate about where he will be in the next few years.

Despite returning to Manchester United last summer, 12 years after leaving for Real Madrid, Ronaldo's return has been far from the triumphant comeback he would have hoped for. On many occasions in the Spanish capital, the Portuguese went on to win every imaginable prize, and they hoped to continue to win trophies at Old Trafford.

"I believe it is the best decision I have ever made," says the author "In an interview with the club's official website, he explained why he chose United over Juventus. "It is, in my opinion, perfectly on point. As a new chapter begins in my life, I'm excited to help Manchester United win trophies and, most importantly, great things. I've just relocated from Juventus to Manchester, and I can't wait to get started.

In fact, things haven't worked out at all. Ronaldo's presence merely heightened expectations for a season that already had high expectations before the acquisition of Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

In the hopes of ending their trophy drought, United have failed to win any competition, and it would take a miracle for them to even qualify for the Champions League next season. Teams at the top and bottom of the table have been humiliated by crushing defeats. When Ralf Rangnick was appointed as interim manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tenure at Manchester United came to an abrupt end. There has been nothing exciting about this year's football, and the players have been uninteresting.

As a result, there is some uncertainty over Ronaldo's future with the club next season. It's possible that if he decides to leave, United will have no choice but to examine whether it's worth keeping him, regardless of whether or not the club has Champions League football to offer him.

Cristiano Ronaldo pictured during Manchester United's defeat to Everton

Cristiano Ronaldo pictured during Man United's defeat to Everton

Ronaldo has also played a role in this dreadful year. Despite the fact that he is the team's leading scorer with 18 goals, more than twice as many as the next best scorer, the addition of Rashford to the starting lineup had a significant impact on how Solskjaer set his team up.

In spite of the Norwegian's shaky tactical decisions, his forwards were devastating on the counterattack and in the box. The management was unable to adjust to the new method of playing when Ronaldo was compelled into the lineup. He lost his job as a result.

In spite of the fact that Ronaldo still possesses undeniable talent, the distance between his magical moments is getting longer. His 18 strikeouts have all come in a single game, but only four have occurred since January 1st. It's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new ambitions.

That's not to mention the fact that Ronaldo, who is now 37, isn't as mobile or active and wasn't known for his pressuring abilities when he was younger. Without the ball, United basically plays with ten men up front with him, as he makes minimal contributions to closing down the opposition or gaining the ball back.

The club should keep Cristiano Ronaldo, but there are a lot of reasons why they should keep him around as well. One of the world's greatest athletes, he can do things no one else in the team can. To make matters worse, Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial are expected to leave the club in the summer. A new striker is already needed, and if Ronaldo leaves, another one will have to be signed. That'd be a major investment.

There are a few other factors to consider as well, such as the fact that Ronaldo hasn't had a stellar start to his first season back at Manchester United under the guidance of Louis van Gaal.

As a result of the many advantages and disadvantages in both direction, it is a difficult decision, as evidenced by a close vote on the issue. "Should Manchester United attempt to move Cristiano Ronaldo on in the summer or should they keep him at Old Trafford?" MEN Sport questioned Manchester United fans.

Ronaldo was voted out by a slim margin of 56 percent of the 6,273 votes cast, with the remaining 44 percent of voters feeling he should be retained. In only a few weeks, the club will have to make a difficult decision.


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