How to Perform Tenda Wi-Fi Setup?

How to Perform Tenda Wi-Fi Setup?

Carefully check out the guide and understand how to setup Tenda router and steps to resolve the Tenda router issues.

Tenda router is well-known for amazing routing capabilities. Whether it is about networking requirements for small or home office, the router delivers outstanding results. While performing Tenda WiFi setup, you should have a computer or laptop that can be smoothly connected to the router and start with the setup process. If you have Wi-Fi enabled devices like iPad, Android, or iPhone device, you need to connect them to Tenda router and start surfing through the internet.

Carefully check out the guide and understand how to setup Tenda router and steps to resolve the Tenda router issues.

Manual Guide for Tenda Router

When you purchase the Tenda router then it comes with the router manual that will include the detailed information about the device like router firmware, router specification, Tenda Wi-Fi router login username, password, installation process, and more. So, before proceeding with any step you need to go through the user manual to get complete overview of the product.

Steps to Perform Tenda Router Setup

Users often think about how to setup Tenda router setup and start performing it. However, you should make sure to follow the set of rules properly to set up the router. Let’s check out the steps involved:

  1. To start with Tenda router setup, you need to complete the physical connection of the device first.
  2. Now, plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and other end to the blue WAN port of the router.
  3. Connect your PC with the Tenda router by using the Ethernet cable.
  4. Open the web browser on computer and browse through the default IP address and i.e., click enter for router login process.
  5. Type admin in both username and password, click to enter to smoothly log into the router’s admin panel.
  6. Once logging into the router management console, you will see the router setup wizard. Tap to next and choose internet service provider and then tap to apply.
  7. Lastly, users can access various tabs like basic settings, wireless setting, and advance settings to configure the Tenda router.

These are the steps that users need to perform to complete the Tenda router wireless setup process.

Summing Up

Check out the guide and get complete information to setup Tenda router. If you are facing any other issue like Tenda router password reset then go through the user manual to get the complete information about the router.

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