Video: Atletico Madrid vs Manchester City devolves into a massive brawl, and Felipe is sent off.

When Felipe was sent off for his theatrics during the game between Atletico Madrid and <br>Manchester City last night, the game spiraled out of control.

It was an ill-tempered affair throughout, but things really got out of hand late in the game when everyone seemed to lose their heads.
After receiving a red card, Felipe was also issued a yellow card, and Stefan Savic was also shown a yellow card as Diego Simeone's side pulled all their typical tricks.

Watch the video below to see what happened at the Wanda Metropolitano during these chaotic situations...

With that said, it's difficult not to feel relieved that Atletico Madrid has been eliminated from the competition following their performance last night....
Throughout the game, some extremely dangerous challenges were thrown at the players, as they clearly intended to upset their opponents.
Despite the fact that they created difficulties for City throughout the game, there was a lot to admire about their performance. It's a shame to watch them engage in this type of behavior on a regular basis. -

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