MBBS In South-Ural State Medical University

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Founded in 1944 in Chelyabinsk, Russia, the Southern Ural State Medical University is one of the most prestigious state medical universities in Russia. It is consistently ranked in the top 30 Russian universities, one of the top ten medical universities in Russia and the first in the Southern Ural region of Russia. To engage students in research work, the University maintains various medical laboratories, including the Central Research Laboratory, and also runs a research institute and consulting center. The University's Library of Science contains more than 700,000 books and scientific journals. The University trains students at the Practical Skills Training Center with the help of clinical simulation, to train students with the help of modern techniques and sharpen their practical skills. For the medical training of students, the Southern Ural State Medical University runs a number of medical sites with high technology and specialized medical care services. Currently, the university has a strong faculty of 600 professors and more than 4,000 students. South Ural State Medical University is accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and offers a 6-year MBBS program. Students in India who have passed the NEED exam can apply for direct admission to the MBBS program at Southern Ural State Medical University.


Student's Life 

South Ural State Medical University declares itself a "University of Healthy Lifestyle", and that's right! The University offers everything to make its students live a fulfilling, productive and definitely healthy life.

To provide safe and comfortable accommodation for its students, the university operates five residential buildings. All hostels are managed by the university and are reserved for students at very affordable prices.

The university has a Rehabilitation Summer Camp at the University for the well-being of students and to make the most of summer vacations, which helps students to relieve stress, engage in recreational activities, relax and gain mental energy. Read it again with freshness. To organize cultural activities and events, the university has a stadium with seating for 570 people.

To maintain a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, students can join the gym located on the university campus. The university's Creative Center organizes activities centered on the arts and creativity, where students can pursue and express their interests beyond medicine.

For the medical care of the students, the university runs its own clinic on the campus where students can avail essential health services. At the sports camp, students can join sports clubs and play sports of their choice and maintain an active lifestyle.

Interested students may also contribute to scientific publications and medical journals published by the University. One of the university's well-established newspapers is "for public health", in which the university publishes 20 journals each year.

The University has created the History Museum to provide students with a walk through the glorious history of the University and the achievements over the decades of its operation.

Throughout the year, programs such as medical missions and blood donation camps are organized to help students engage in community development and community and welfare activities, where students can engage with local people and develop community and health skills.

Besides, students living in Chelyabinsk enjoy a Soviet feel and genuine Russian hospitality. In the city of Chelyabinsk, there are numerous museums, parks, historical sites and classic theaters that students can enjoy. To get to the city, students can use a bus, trolley, taxi or bicycle.

Therefore, the Southern Ural State Medical University and the city of Chelyabinsk provide not only a conducive environment for study, but also a healthy and wonderful experience to live.



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