Who is Mor Shapiro? All About Ben Shapiro’s Wife

Mor Shapiro is an Israeli medical man living in California, U.S. She is called the wife of Ben Shapiro, an American conservative political commentator, writer, and lawyer. Unlike her husband, Mor shies far from the spotlight and has pursued a medical career. For more information visit this

Mor Shapiro is an Israeli medical man living in California, U.S. She is called the wife of Ben Shapiro, an American conservative political commentator, writer, and lawyer. Unlike her husband, Mor shies far from the spotlight and has pursued a medical career. Mor Shapiro is currently practicing as a resident MD under the family practice Residency Program at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana, California. She has a great interest in women’s health, resident education, and behavioral health. A devoted proponent of bioethics, she founded the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium, which has now become an annual event. Mor Shapiro leads a quiet life away from the spotlight despite being married to Ben Shapiro, who is understood to court controversy regularly for his public comments.

Early Life

Mor Shapiro was born in 1988 in Herzliya, Israel, to a Jewish Moroccan family. And then at the age of 12, She moved to Sacramento, California. Mor Shapiro was inquisitive about learning about the mind-body relationship, which led her to major in psychology as an undergraduate at the University of California, l. a. Following graduation, she researched developmental neuroscience for 2 years at UCLA, using FMRI to check the consequences of formative years of adversity on childhood brain development. Mor Shapiro then entered UCLA’s School of drugs, also referred to as the David Geffen School of drugs, to earn her MD degree in 2015. While studying at graduate school, Mor Shapiro worked as a Clinical Skills Instructor. Mor, who is now a successful caregiver, gained media attention following her marriage to Ben Shapiro in 2008.


Her Career

Currently, the work status of the doctor is sort of overwhelming. Mor Shapiro could be a specialist in resident education, behavioral health, and women’s health. Her present professional place is Kaiser Foundation Hospital of California. She has an energetic involvement within the medical practice Residency Program.

Mor Shapiro is the founding father of the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium. She started the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium, which is now an annual event, as a robust proponent of bioethics. Despite being married to Ben Shapiro, who is renowned for courting controversy each day, she lives a tranquil life away from the general public.

Relationship with Ben Shapiro

Mor Shapiro was involved during a longtime relationship with Ben Shapiro before they got engaged in 2007. In July 2008, the couple got married during a traditional Jewish marriage in Acre, Israel, while “overlooking the ocean sunset”. Ben’s father wrote the emotional music for the precious event. Then in 2014, she gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Leeya Eliana Shapiro. 


Following the birth of their daughter, an elated Ben had written and shared on the net a letter to the newborn child, during which he mentioned how heroically Mor had endured labor for 26 hours. He also prayed for his or her daughter and expressed his hope that she’s going to like better to follow God in His ways of righteousness. Then in 2016, the couple welcomed a son. Both she and her husband practice Orthodox Judaism. They have two children in L.A., California. It’s not the case that More is merely fabulous in her work field. A bit like outside, she may be a skilled homemaker too. 

Moreover, we will observe her caring side from the most recent motherly posts. Mor Shapiro never missed any chance to be conscious of her kids. Mor Shapiro may be a great singer. During her days in the school of medicine, she formed a part of the Acapella Group.

Ben, a Proud Husband

Ben Shapiro raises his wife up as a type of what feminism must be. He once wrote about Mor: “My wife (who, it’s rumored, could be a doctor) stayed up all night with my five-year-old because my girl has a brutal cough because of the flu (tonight is my turn). My wife then got up and visited work to worry about her patients. That’s feminism. Not murdering babies outside the womb.” In another piece, for Newsweek magazine, Ben wrote: “Early in our marriage, my wife was still in college at UCLA, and that I was fascinated by taking employment in New York; she dutifully offered to transfer to a school across the country. When she applied to graduate school across the country; I offered to do my job.”

A True Feminist

Like Ben, Mor Shapiro isn’t so active on social media platforms. However, people can come upon various qualities of Ben’s beautiful wife from the celebrity’s Twitter posts. It’s apparent how supportive her husband is. Some days ago, their daughter suffered from a severe cough.

But, Mor never ignored her patients because of her personal causes. As a result, after taking proper care of the microscopic girl, she left to worry about the patients. Ben even attributed these qualities to real feminism!

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