IGVault Top 3 Tips to Make Gold Fats in Lost Ark

Going from small-time to big shot in Lost Ark's global trading market doesn't take more than a day of work.

It's frustrating to complete all of Lost Ark's content, get to the market, find that perfect item, and find out that the character is actually broke. Oh, that small mountain of silver? Thankfully, there is a way for gamers to get a lot of Lost Ark Items in a short time period. There are many other ways that take a lot of time, but this method is dependable and repeatable. Going from small-time to big shot in Lost Ark's global trading market doesn't take more than a day of work.

Una's Tasks

Una’s tasks are daily missions that can be carried out for gold in return. Unlike the Dungeons, the tasks can only be completed once a day and should be at the top of your list as far as priority is concerned, especially if you are a high-level player.

Completing a task could not be simpler. Head over to the Task menu and complete the objectives that are listed. Then return to the HUD and complete the small quests, which could be anything from collecting specific items or killing enemies.

You will soon find that the amount of gold that you have will be stacking up, and the secret is to remain consistent in completing these tasks. You will have thousands in gold and an array of gold chests in no time!

Spend time with NPC Rapport

Players can interact with NPCs in the form of Rapport. They can give gifts, complete side quests, and further dialogue with certain characters in the game, and if they do this enough, some NPCs will give players gifts. These gifts can sometimes net the players a nice amount of gold, so it's worth going out of the way to do this.

Daily dungeons

We continue our Lost Ark gold farming guide with daily dungeons. The Chaos Dungeons will become available to you once you’ve reached level 50 and obtained a Gearscore of 250. You can go through two of these per day per character, and you’ll get certain rewards for doing so.

There’s a separate currency that you may earn from the dungeons that you can exchange for various goods. The actual objective, though, is to defeat the second boss of the chaos dungeons in order to obtain real gold.

There’s a good probability that a portal will appear if you defeat the second boss in the Chaos Dungeons. You may win a lot of money by entering this portal.

When the dungeon is more difficult, you receive additional gold.

When you have a higher item level you’ll also earn more gold.

So this advice is directed more toward advanced novices, because you’ll only acquire a lot of money if your Gearscore is high enough. Daily completion on the Abyss Dungeons and daily island events will reward you with gold as well. These are located in the sea near the adventure islands if you’re looking for them.

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