According to Michael Saylor, the best time to buy BTC is now.

The CEO and founder of Microstrategy, Michael Saylor, has declared that he is confident in the company's BTC investing strategy.

On the other side of things, he denied that the corporation had received a margin call on some of its BTC holdings. So, the corporation would keep buying more BTC, Saylor reiterated. His personal BTC holdings would likewise be growing, he predicted.

Saylor Has No Doubts About Microstrategy's Plan to Adopt BTC

Adopting a BTC strategy has been one of Michael Saylor's top business decisions in the past two years. When Bitcoin's value plummeted to new lows, the CEO of this company reaffirmed his firm stance.

At one point, BTC was trading at less than $20,000. BTC, in his opinion, has outperformed other top assets over the last two years. He says this. He asserted that Bitcoin's performance over this time period was ten times better than that of the Nasdaq index, gold, and oil combined.


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In a recent interview with CNBC, Saylor voiced his opinions. He reaffirmed the company's intention to acquire additional BTC at the current price. The CEO of the company went on to say that BTC is a risk-free means of storing assets for the next decade. BTC's nature is unaffected by the present market volatility, he asserted.

Even if the market tanks, Saylor claims that no one who owns BTC within the next four years would lose their money. BTC's 4-year moving average currently stands at around $21k, according to him. As a result, the stock's current price represents a great value.

As long as they have the cash flow, he stated, Microstrategy will continue to increase their BTC holdings." According to a tweet from Saylor on Tuesday, the company plans to begin purchasing additional BTC in the near future. It said, "Stack sits and keep modest," according to the billionaire. Microstrategy has the most BTC in its portfolio.

The average price of the 130K BTC that the corporation owns is $30.7K. According to the most recent statistics from Coinmarketcap, BTC is currently trading at $21,305.60. However, this is the lowest price in more than two years. Because of this, Microstrategy has an unrealized loss of more than $1 billion in BTC.

Taking out a Loan to Invest in BTC

Saylor also discussed the company's purchase of BTC from Silvergate bank during a protracted transaction. In his words, a mere 0.1 percent of the company's BTC assets is represented by the $205 million loan he just made. Since Microstrategy's margin call was rumored, he argued that it would only improve his and the company's prominence.



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