Future of Nigeria Economy

In the recent years the Nigerian government had tried in solving the the Nigeria economic situations. ( In review)

From the beginning of Nigeria democracy to dates the economic perspective of Nigeria has been in jeopardy, in which many economists have shown worry on the future of the country's economy.

   Under this article, reviews the current and the future of Nigeria Economy. 

From 1999 to 2003 the economy is seem to growing at an increasing rate, which creates a room for steady development in infrastructure, education, health etc

2003 to 2007 this period was regarded as the beginning of the calamity of  Nigeria Economic predicament. Which shows failed on the aforementioned progress achieved under the previous administration. Under this, economy failed to Carter for the country's need. So also government failed.

2007 to 2011 under this the world economy is facing a financial crisis 

2011 to 2015 under this era the economy of the country has been degraded by the intensification of the security situation of the country.

2015 to 2019 under this prospect the economy has been downgraded by government mismanagement, office abuse. Etc

Goni Mustapha Grema

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Abiola Issa Mukaila 34 w


Barile Joy 49 w

So sad

Chidimma Goodness Nwoye 50 w

Nigeria economy will never bounce back unless a drastic change is employed. Our naira keep depleting against dollar each day.

We the youth need to raise and enforce the change we desire.

Nafiu Mahmud 50 w

So what did you think for 5 years coming, our economy will improve and growth or yet the means for that were absent.

Ezekiel Olasunkanmi Olaosebikan 50 w

It's well with my beloved country.

Abigael oluwabunmi Afolabi 50 w

It's well