The latest update for Lost Ark features

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Head to go to the Golden Fish Restaurant and instead of going in go to the southeast side of the merchant's tables Lost Ark Gold. The ninth seed can be found in the small sacks of sweets and small sachets on the other side of Food Merchant Albaro's table.

Mokoko Seed Ten - The Main Gate

After that, walk across the bridge to the southeast, as if leaving the castle area. Just before you reach the Guard Captain Steg Stop under the tower. The mokoko's last seed is tucked in the corner against the west wall completely hidden from view.
Lost Ark Update Lets You Play As Beer And A Chicken

The latest update for Lost Ark features three daily Challenge Guardian Raids that you can turn into a chicken or a drink (yes, a beer or chicken to fight off Chickings that are all located in the new Wild Wings Island. This "crispy shiny Chickings" take over a attack and the faster you can defeat them and earn coins, the more you'll earn.

The plot becomes a bit disturbing when it becomes clear that the Chickings appear to be "seeking revenge for consuming their family and friends family", essentially seeking us out for consuming one too many KFC family buckets Lost Ark Gold Buy. However, you don't have to battle the angry chickens alone. You can call in some friends and stop the raging all together.


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