Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo have signed an NFT agreement.

With the long-term arrangement, Binance and Portugal's national soccer team will eventually offer NFT assortments on their website. According to the digital currency exchange, the first selection will be available soon.

As a Digital Asset, NFTs are Taking Off

Digital assets like NFTs live on the decentralized blockchain ledger, which records all transactions. As a public record, the blockchain may be used to verify the NFT's legality and identify its owners.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and then institutional investors backed NFTs in 2021, setting off a whirlwind ride for the technology. It has also spilled into NFTs, which became extremely popular last year as a result of financial supporters' anti-risky resource mood.

Sports and Cryptocurrency Partnership

Businesses aiming to break into the public with cryptocurrencies have found assistance from professional sports leagues. Last year, cryptocurrency trade FTX Trading Ltd gave Tom Brady a stake in the company, and announced a $700 million contract to rename the Staples Center in Los Angeles the Arena.

Viewers and financial backers are becoming more aware of digital currencies when it comes to sponsoring events, and Bitcoin is becoming more prevalent in the media and everyday life.

When it comes to sports and innovation, fan commitment tokens are a standout innovation. A "fan commitment token," a "completely fungible digital" utility token, enables sports fans to get access to and influence decisions made by their preferred game club.

On Ronaldo's Partnership with Binance, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange.

In addition to being one of the world's best footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo is now a brand ambassador for a wide range of businesses. Binance says he has one of the world's most ardent fans because of his sincerity, ability, and dedication to remarkable causes.


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the company's creator and chief executive officer (Changpeng Zhao). We are thrilled to provide a limited number of opportunities for Ronaldo's fans to meet the player and take home a piece of soccer history.

According to Ronaldo, "My relationship with the fans is very essential to me and I need to be a part of this NFT stage." It doesn't matter how disappointed I am in the choice, the supporters will love it. Non-Binance NFT users will not be able to access the options made by Cristiano Ronaldo.

One of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, was founded in 2013. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies can be found here. An electronic wallet is provided by Binance for brokers to keep their digital assets safe. A customer's digital assets can also be managed or purchased by the company's staff.


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