How to Prepare a Tasty Ragi Koozh in Just 10 Minutes?

Ragi Koozh (articulated "cool") is a flavorful beverage famous in India's south.

Ragi Koozh (articulated "cool") is a flavorful beverage famous in India's south:

This late spring feast, frequently known as rancher food, will keep your stomach cool and your energy steps up.



Ragi Flour - 1 Cup

Water-4 cups

Curd or Buttermilk - 3/4 cup

Green Chilly-1

Ginger-2 little pieces

Little Onions-4 or 5 Nos

Curry Leaves-1 Spring

Salt to taste



Stage 1: In a blending bowl, consolidate one cup of ragi flour and one cup of water. Blend it for 3 minutes.


Stage 2: In a container, pour 3 cups of water into a bubble.


Stage 3: When the water is bubbling, gradually add the ragi flour and mix constantly for around 10 minutes. From that point onward, switch off the oven.


Stage 4: Set to the side for a couple of moments to permit the ragi surface to cool. Take one new bowl and add a surface to it depending on the situation.


Stage 5: In that blending bowl, add 3/4 cup curd or buttermilk, slashed onions, hacked curry leaves, a spot of salt, and ginger and crisp glue.


Stage 6: Stir the elements for a couple of moments, then, at that point, add water on a case-by-case basis. At long last, our yummy Ragi Koozh is fit to be served.


Tips: Serve it with mango and little onions to make it much more scrumptious.


Advantages Of Ragi Koozh

It forestalls Hair-Fall

Processing Support

It cools your body.

Decreases how much awful cholesterol in the body

It controls diabetes

Last Thoughts


These arrangement tips came from my grandma. One of the most amazing conventional food varieties is Ragi Koozh. Individuals these days favor inexpensive food items, so attempt to stay away from them if conceivable, and take Ragi Koozh no less than one time each week.

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