How Am Earning Passive Income Upto N5K Daily Reading & Writing Articles, Sign Up is Free.

How Am Earning Passive Income Upto N5K Daily Reading & Writing Articles, Sign Up is Free.

The Twistok Group offers you the chance to earn while you have fun.

Are you a job seeker or an employee looking to increase your income? This opportunity is just for you! You can earn money while socializing on the Twistok network by writing high-quality content that adheres to guidelines. In addition to receiving credit points, your Twistok account receives credit points that can be withdrawn when you read articles and learn on twistok, or when you engage with other users who publish an educative article on twistok by commenting on their posts, and you also earn points when you react to other users' posts just as you would on Facebook, it may interest you to know that you can earn over NGN5,000 per day doing all this, and if you're a good referrer, you can earn even more After registering or subscribing to the platform, a unique referral link is generated and can be found Here.

The website, which is powered by NDS Social Network Limited, is more than a social community that allows you to communicate with family and friends and share special moments and events. You can also make money by writing and reading articles, short stories, and so on.

Twistokers Earning Points in Seven Lucretive Ways

As a Twistoker, you can earn money in seven different ways, including the referral system, as depicted in the image below.

twistok earning points

The Twistok team is presently conducting a promotion that allows you to earn substantial residual income by writing non-plagiarized, publishable articles on the network. Reading articles, leaving comments, responding to posts, and creating daily articles, tales, and interesting events might create passive money. In addition, you will receive a 60 percent referral incentive whenever someone uses your unique referral link to join our platform and upgrade to pro.


Never before has it been so exciting to earn money while interacting with peers. Writing and publishing articles and tales on the Twistok social network is effortless and needs little effort. The most interesting part is that you can earn an appealing daily income by writing on things that interest you the most. On other social networking sites, you may have been writing, publishing, and reading about your hobbies for free, but Twistok pays you for doing so. You do not wish to wait any longer, so kindly click here to sign up and download the program so you may instantly begin earning passive income.

Their terms and conditions have been streamlined so that you can publish in well-established areas. In this niche/genre, there is no limit to the amount of articles that can be written.

Additionally, you can transfer freely from one specialized to another. You may, for instance, write about sports, romance, motivation, or religion.

Who is permitted to use

This includes School Graduates, College Students, Job Seekers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Youth Corps Volunteers, etc. Anyone seeking passive income or supplemental income may join. On the Twistok multi-platform, everyone has an equal chance of earning enormous sums of money. The more articles you compose, the larger your earning potential. Click Here to register immediately

Your regular task to earn money

  1. You will earn 50 points for reacting to other people's post
  2. you will earn 50 points for commenting on other users' posts 
  3. You will earn 5k points by login into your account daily.
  4. You earn 50 points on a normal posts
  5. You will earn reading articles for instance you will earn 300 points to 500 points on each article you open, I want to explain how the point system is being calculated, For you to be able to earn you must open the article you wish to read and wait up to 60 seconds before you can earn money (points) by the time you open and wait for 60 seconds after you have earned the points you will be able to move to another article below to earn more points, now you have been able to understand how to read articles and make points on twistok.
  6. Another means you earn money on twistok is by writing non-plagiarized articles with free copyrighted images on your article, so if you want to earn much you can also focus on the article section by picking a topic you can easily write on, if you also desire to get a software that can help you to rewrite articles in order to avoid plagiarize article you can click on this link here to register it, There is no limit to the amount that can be earned per day as a pro users The more you write and publish, the greater your earnings.
  7. I must let you understand that the platform does not condone copying from other sites and if you must copy you will need to rewrite your article by using some good AI articles rewriter, you can register for free by clicking here in order to use AI software to rewrite your article so it can be plagiarism-free, then you get it approved and as soon as you publish an article that is free from copyright image and plagiarism-free articles, our support team will approve your article within 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the time if we decline your article it simply means it does not meet our standard you can check how some of our publishers wrote here.
  8. NB: Your Article must at least 600 words + or you will not be paid.
  9. You earn massively on the platform which I previously stated, your earning activities depend on one's choice, you can decide to concentrate on reading articles to earn, also commenting, reacting on other people's posts, why some have their strength in referral system by using their unique referral link to invite more people to the platform by means of possibly writing a review about the platform on your blogs or websites or using the link directly to attract more people, you will earn 60% of the pro package on each person you invited that registered on the platform, anytime the person upgrade you instantly make 60% of any package the person chooses.

How do I sign up Free on twistok?

If the description sounds doable, please follow the steps below to get started.

Register initially by clicking Here in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Bing, etc.,). A page resembling the one below is displayed.

Once the page has loaded, please enter the essential information into the blank fields. When finished, click "Continue Here!" as indicated below. Please give a valid email address; a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide to confirm your registration.

After clicking "Continue," check your inbox for an email from the Twistok team titled "Account Activation." Open the email and click "Confirm Email Address" to confirm your email address. If the message was not discovered in your Inbox, please also check your SPAM folder and mark it as not spam.

Then, your account is instantly accessible on

The next step is to upload a profile photo and edit your profile information. Please follow the instructions to standardize your profile.

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