Crocheting is not just a play craft you learn while growing up. it is a fun thing to do and it comes with a lot of benefits. Lets find out.

Crocheting is one means of creaing fabric that involves the looping of yarn with a hook. Crocheting can be used to make different things that from clothing to key chains, furniture, toys and decorations of various kinds. crocheting is one craft that comes with tremendous benefits to everyone. It does not not produce beautiful results but it comes with several health benefits. Some benefits of crocheting have been identified below

  1. Crocheting have been known to reduce stress and anxiety. When you crochet, there is a release of dopamine especially when crocheting is something you love thus this reduces your stress levels and allows you to focus easier and relax. Ithelps you take your mind off things that would stress you and gives you harmless things to focus on.
  2. Crocheting involves the use of repititive stitches therefore this can relax you mind as you concentrate on repeating a stitch or counting the number of stitches you are making or you have make. It is also a good idea for people with disorders that involve the brain because it can serve them medically while they enjoy the craft.
  3. Crocheting can be used as a form of therapy whether singly or a group therapy. For group therapies, crocheting can give patients what to talk about and encourage togetherness among the members of the  group. Overtime, crocheters have always been drawn to other crocheters in various ways and this makes them more expressive an open when inthe com pany of people that do what they love.
  4. For someone with self esteem issues, crocheting can also pose as a solution. Crocheting would make them see usefulness in themselves as they produce thing tat are not just beautiful but also valuable to them and every other person. Older people tend to think that young people see the as invaluable as they become older and thats why they try to exempt them from strenuous exercises but this art can keep them busy and result in making them very productive even when they cannot work much.
  5. it also helps to express you creativity. Crocheting like every other form of art can be used to express ones feeling and this can show in the use of colours and even the stitches. With this art, creativty is unlocked and you are able to create beauty with your hands. Sometimes i choose to describe a crocheters stash of yarn as their pallete, th hook as the paint brush and the yarn as the paint. With croccheting and a willing mind, there is no limit to your creativity.
  6. Crocheting involes continous movements and this helps to keep your finger active as there happen to be in regular motion. When the joints are left static, they deteriorate very fast and become stiff. This makes movement of the joints hard and quite painful. The stiffness of joint associated wth growing older can be kept at bay through the aid of crocheting.
  7. Crocheting is one way that can be used to give back to the community. Making gifts for people around does not just leave you happy but also helps to put a smile on everyones face. It is also economical and makes room for creating something unique or peculiar to yhe need of the person who would get the gift.
  8. Crocheting helps to break bad habits. for a person who is addicted to a drug or something else that is detrimental to their health, crocheting can help them break free from such bad habits. Crocheting gives them something else to think about instead of thinking about their addiction and they are able to us their time to do healthy things instead of focusing on unhealthy addictions.
  9. Crocheting is a kind of craft that can be done at anywhere and at anytime. Whether on the go or at home, i is easy to crochet as the materials require for crocheting are not very many or tedious to move about. Crocheting tools and materials are very portable and makes carrying about very easy. So you can bring ou your hook and yarn at moments of need and just focus on something you find productive

Hope Enegela

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