Train to and from Paris for a Disneyland Paris excursion

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Disneyland Paris is, for numerous, a dream destination especially if you have a youthful family. The train trip is one of the easiest ways to get to the demesne and the French have made it easy to travel to and from Paris by train with trains running approx every 15 mins. 




The station for Euro Disney is deposited just outside the main entrances to the premises so formerly you get off your train its monuments throw from the magic of the premises and you formerly poke bang in the atmosphere of Disney. The train station is also coming to the machine station so it's easy to transfer to a shuttle if you're staying on point or get an original machine to the area in which you're staying. I understand there's also a service where if you're staying in a Disney Hotel your luggage can be taken to your hostel for you meaning you're suitable to enjoy the premises straight down! 
City trains travel to and from central Paris to Euro Disneyland throughout the day at roughly 15 nanosecond intervals from the following five large central Paris RER A Stations Charles de Gaulle Etoile( at Arc de Triomphe), Auber( at Galeries Lafayette shopping center), Chatelet Les Halles( massive underground shopping center and largest resistance/ shelter station in the world), Gare de Lyon and Nation station. The Station at Euro Disney is called Marne La Vallee/ Disney 

You'll need to buy a Zone 1- Zone 5 ticket which will cover both the underground and overground corridor of your trip. A one-way ticket costs approx EUR6.45 and can be bought by an automated machine( different languages can be chosen) and can be paid for by coins or a chip and leg card. If there are several of you traveling or you intend to make multiple peregrinations you would be advised to buy a book of ten tickets as this will give you two free tickets. In our case, there was a party of 5 grown-ups on a day trip to Paris so we bought a book of ten tickets which made the total cost of the trip EUR51.60 rather than EUR64.50. EUR10.32 per person rather than EUR12.90 is a good saving. 
French trains are veritably dependable and the trip from Disneyland Paris to the center of Paris only took 40 mins each way with the trains running on time. This was much easier than trying to drive into the capital.


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