I was considering tentatively what to do in other to evade being kïlled by Leonard and his better half.

I was considering tentatively what to do in other to evade being kïlled by Leonard and his better half.


Their arrangements horrified me and I was unable to think straight.


I pondered running through the window yet unfortunately, it was safeguarded with iron bars.


My aunt and her significant other had been talking for a long time in the living room and the sun had quite shinning because it was at that point evening.


The parlor was the main way that prompts the leaving entryway of the house-the entryway at the back was locked.


I was perched on the bed shaking like a leaf when Leonard's child came in. I pretended to be unafraid right away because I didn't maintain that he should think anything.


He proposed to have sex with me however I declined. He was stunned and stood frozen in place. This was whenever I first declined such proposal since I began carrying out the thing.


"Are you serious?" he asked and attempted to contact my laps.


"Take your dirty hands off me" I answered furiously however somewhere inside I was unfortunate.


He went out quickly when his father shouted his name persistently.


"A terrible tree can't yield great apples," I said to myself.


"At least, I knew their arrangements. A peril predicted is half stayed away from. On the off chance that my destiny is to be ill-fated today, let so be it" I moaned like an unfortunate widow.


Forthwith, I looked at the highest point of the closet and saw a deadly substance in a white holder.


The compartment was inscribed "Expert sharpshooter" on it. An idea went through my head on the nail and I was helped to a little degree.


"Uche, you shouldn't feel sorry for your enemy, you've to me crush the person in question completely," I said to myself however it appeared to be my mother was conversing with me through.


I was tickled pink when I was considering how every one of these would turn out.


ụkamaka considered me when I uncovered my white dentition. I had consistently despised how she normally shout my name.


I addressed her call and she educated me not to cook anything that she would cook without help from anyone else in the evening.


"Indeed mama" I answered her with a bunch in my throat.


I left, unhappy and my mindset changed in a split second.


When individuals and creatures go to their different destinations, my aunt began cooking her number one Egusi soup.


Her significant other and child were watching a film named "ụdara NWA mmịrị" composed by KELLY BEN UGONNA and acted by KELLY BEN and co.


The film was moving in our state and my aunt wouldn't zero in on the thing she was cooking.


At the point when she completed cooking, she doled out the nourishment for me, her child, and her spouse. She mumbled that she was appetiteless.


She requested that I serve her significant other and child their food and she left the kitchen. I went into my room right away and drew out the poi. sonorous substance.


I added an amount of it to Leonard and his child's food and served them.


I was joyous beyond words because my retribution was going to happen.


I watched them eat the food completely and gulped a significant piece of cold water for the food to process with the poi. son in their stomach.


I was scared because they didn't díe while or in the wake of eating the food yet I trusted that they would unquestionably fail miserably.


Not long after they had wrapped up devouring the plate of food, they nodded off while my aunt kept watching the intriguing film.


I got up throughout the night with my entryway shut and, thinking about the destruction that will happen to me if the poi. son didn't work and gave me goosebumps.


In the first part of the day, Leonard and his child didn't awaken. They vomited chunks of types of blood before they addressed the call of nature.


ỤKAMAKA was crying with wet streaks all over which was brought about by the steady cleaning away of tears.


Leonard's siblings entered when Ụkamaka needed to be. at me for not a great explanation.


They halted her and asked her what has been going on with their sibling and his child. "They dozed and didn't awaken" she talked like energy had left her body how juice leaves the mash of an ate-up orange.


Leonard's siblings were all tall and thin. They were a truly contentious arrangement of individuals. After a few minutes, they decided on a post-mortem examination.


The examination was led on the de. ad bodies and it was revealed that they were pois. oned.


Fingers were pointed at Ụkamaka who prepared the food.


Leonard's male kin recruited an emergency vehicle that took the dead bodies to the town for customary rituals.


ụkamaka and I went along with them in their vehicle. The town was exceptionally far and had sloppy potholes on its street.


At the point when we at long last got there, ụkamaka was approached to shower her better half and child in other to effectively defend herself. She did that with her face covered in her grasp, sobbing wildly.


Supporters collapsed their hands moaning and shaking their heads in despair.


After that, she hydrated and utilized washing those cadavers completely. Her look said it all that the water was sickening.


I was crying facially yet profoundly down, I resembled a canine with two tails.


The Kinsmen later welcomed an insidious stylist who shaved her hair indignantly with a sharp trimmer.


She shaved off every one of the hairs in her mind and she was presently uncovered. ụkamaka cried harshly when the stylist trim the hairs in her neck area.


Seeing tears dropping down from her cheeks satisfied me. Essentially she's inclination the aggravation I felt when her better half and child ra. ped me uncountably.


Ụkamaka was locked with the two bodies in a space for three days before they were covered.


On the day Leonard and his child were covered, I dressed in my best outfit since it was a blissful day for myself and a miserable day for other people.


I was highly happy when their coffin was placed in the grave.


ụkamaka went numb and was acting like a distraught lady because of the shock of losing her friends and family in a flicker of an eye.


I was laughing around the bend and I said in a low tone "The Revenge is finished.


Momentarily, I felt a finger push at my back, I turned around, and behold, I saw Leonard with a hatchet.


I was terrified "You need to accompany me " he thundered furiously like a lion.


"No, it's not yet her time except for she'd visit our realm soon! Leave her and rest in héll" A voice said loudly.


Leonard evaporated like a phantom and I leaped out of my skin. Finally, I expressed gratitude to God for saving me.



This story discusses how house cleaners are being abused in Africa. In this story, Uche was manhandled, abused, and attacked by her Aunty, her Aunty's significant other and child.


A few youthful servants and youngsters are experiencing this now and some had ended it all while some are being kïlled or contaminated with destructive illnesses.


Dearest guardians, frequently visit your wards who are living with your family members and others.

If it's not too much trouble! Visit them and ask them inquiries. Try not to stand by listening to what they say on the telephone when called. Re-read, please.


This story likewise catches how widows are being dealt with terribly in Africa to effectively defend themselves when their significant other had died.


I dedicated this story to my capable amigo JENNIFER UCHE Who's name was utilized in the story


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